Kunooz Savings Account

Save & win BIG with Kunooz Savings Account.

Kunooz Savings Account from Emirates Islamic now gets bigger and better. Save today and enrich your life.

  • Monthly* grand prizes of AED 1 million, Luxury Car or AED 200,000 in a savings account.
  • Five daily cash prizes of AED 3,000 each
  • Every AED 5,000 saved gives you one chance for the monthly grand prize**
  • Every AED 1,000 saved gives you one chance for the daily cash prizes**

*From May 2018 onwards.
**Daily draws are held on regular basis during the month and grand prize draws are held on first draw of the months. Prize will be credited into the winners account within 2 months from draw date.

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions related to the prizes.

  • Minimum balance requirements of AED 3,000
  • Available to individuals, joint accounts and can also be opened for minors

  • Completed Application Form
  • Original and photocopy of Khulasat Al Qaid or Passport for UAE Nationals
  • Original and photocopy of passport with valid residence visa for expatriates

Winner of the Tesla Car

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Prize Winner for Month
Abdulla Saeed Saleh Alyammahi Sunday, April 15, 2018 Tesla Car March 2018
Ahmad Hamad Alsuwaidi Sunday, March 04, 2018 Tesla Car February 2018

Winner of the (Shopping spree - Prepaid Card with AED 200K) Grand Prize

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Prize Winner for Month
Sara HussainMohammadAwghan Al Awgani Sunday, February 11, 2018 Shopping Spree - Prepaid Card with AED 200K January 2018

Winner of the AED 1,000,000 Grand Prize

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Cash Prize Winner for Month
Fatima Mohamed Akbar Ali Sunday, January 28, 2018 AED 1,000,000 December 2017
Dagher Darwish Dagher Darwish Almarar Monday, August 08, 2017 AED 1,000,000 July 2017
Sultan Ibrahim Mousa Monday, March 13, 2017 AED 1,000,000 February 2017

Winner of the Aston Martin Car

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Prize Winner for Month
Moustafa Gouda Abdelsatar Akila Sunday, December 10, 2017 Aston Martin Car November 2017

Winner of the Bentley Continental GT

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Prize Winner for Month
Farah Naz Mohammad Z Umer Tuesday, October 10, 2017 Bentley Continental GT September 2017
Marwan Amin Mohamed Al Sharif Monday, July 02, 2017 Bentley Continental GT June 2017
Moaza Abdulla W.O.A Monday, January 09, 2017 Bentley Continental GT December 2016

Winner of the Studio Apartment

Customer Name Draw Conducted Date Prize Winner for Month
Christine Fuerte Magtibay Or Maria Julieta Gustilo Gigantone Monday, November 06, 2017 Studio Apartment October 2017
Kanchan Chandrakumar Navlani-kanchan Chandra Monday, September 11, 2017 Studio Apartment August 2017
Mohamed Alaleeli Monday, June 19, 2017 Studio Apartment May 2017
Wesal Jasim Ali Habash Monday, May 8, 2017 Studio Apartment April 2017
Abdulaziz S Yousuf S Mohyi M Ahmad Monday, April 10, 2017 Studio Apartment March 2017
Ahmed Abdou Noaman K Monday, February 5, 2017 Studio Apartment January 2017

Customer Name Daily Draw Date Draw Conducted Date Cash Prize
Munira Abdalla Hassan Galadari Thursday,03-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Hamad Saeed Mohamed Ali Almansoori Thursday,03-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mehdi  Metghalchi Thursday,03-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Zulfiqar Ahmed Non Resident Thursday,03-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ali Almutawa Thursday,03-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Gabriele Marietta Shaw Wednesday,02-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Siva Kumar Thanikachalam Wednesday,02-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammad Mohammad Redha A Alawadhi Wednesday,02-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Bashayer Rebayea Ali Hassan Almuall Wednesday,02-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Khalifa A H Bin Harib Alfalahi Wednesday,02-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohanad Hussam Aoudeh Aljabari Tuesday,01-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Shihab Tariq Taimur Alsaid Tuesday,01-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ahmad Zaki Tawfiq Aljajah Tuesday,01-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammed Sadik Gudme Tuesday,01-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Salah Eidin Elghote Tuesday,01-May-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ahmad Samer M Ghaias Abodan Monday,30-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ahmed Alnaqbi Monday,30-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Kiran Mazari Monday,30-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Kunhabdulla Valiyakattil Monday,30-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Shaikha Fatima Abdulaziz Almualla Monday,30-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Yahya Ali Faaour Sunday,29-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Khadija Ibrahim Alhammadi Sunday,29-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ayesha Mohd Ahmad Sulaiman Sunday,29-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammed Abdulrahman Bastaki Sunday,29-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ahmed Nalouti Sunday,29-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Sbeeha Obaid Humaid Almehairi Thursday,26-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Wassim Zaghdoudi Thursday,26-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Vinay Vyas Thursday,26-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Najwa F S Abufool Thursday,26-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammad Abdulmajid Mohd Sh Faraido Thursday,26-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Reem Alhamed Wednesday,25-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammad Nasser Al Ghanem Wednesday,25-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Pulikanayil Muhamed Wednesday,25-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Fitwi Zeraghabir Araia Wednesday,25-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Sibu Ayinikkathara Sidharthan Wednesday,25-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mesfer Mahdi Ali Masoud Alahbabi Tuesday,24-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Rania Mohd Hamdan Hamaideh Tuesday,24-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Othman Affan Abdulhamid Abdulla Al Tuesday,24-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Eisa Humaid Ali Sandal Al Ali Tuesday,24-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Amir Ali Qadri Tuesday,24-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Badryyah Abdulrazaq Alawadhi Monday,23-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Walaa Ahmed Albinali Monday,23-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ramadan Salem Ali Abusnina Monday,23-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Amer F M F Seham Monday,23-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mariam Mohamed Obaid Almajar Monday,23-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Fatema Abdulla Sayed Alhashimi Sunday,22-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Amit Jain Sunday,22-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Abdulla Ismail Alzarooni Sunday,22-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Saeed Mubarak Saqer Sunday,22-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Charummoottil Mathew Varghese Charummoottil Mathew Sunday,22-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Shamsa Mohamed Abdulla Thursday,19-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Reem A Qudah Thursday,19-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Taghreed Ibrahimabdul Qader Jad Thursday,19-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Munther Ali Alshamsi Thursday,19-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Awad Saeed Sultan Alrahoomi Almheir Thursday,19-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohamed Ali Bin Zayed Wednesday,18-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Abdulrahman Ahmad Wednesday,18-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Saeed Mohammad A.S. Alfalasi Wednesday,18-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Sary Latch Wednesday,18-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Majed Sultan Ibrahim Alkharbeej Alzaabi Wednesday,18-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Hareesh Deekaya Poojary Tuesday,17-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammad Abdulrahman Alhammadi Tuesday,17-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Shamsa Ahmad Mohammed Fairooz Ahmad Tuesday,17-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ibrahim Ahmad Abdulla Mahmood Tuesday,17-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohamed Akram Mohamed Rizk Moustafa Elsabban Tuesday,17-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ahmad Abdulla Ahmad Ghanim Almarri Monday,16-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Nazar Zeki Mustafa Monday,16-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Sumesh Manmadhan Nair Monday,16-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Ayesha Lin Jing Monday,16-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Amela Babic Monday,16-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Alfred Decano Tiamson Sunday,15-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Idee Mendoza Plazaras Sunday,15-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Abdulrahman Ahmad Abdulrahman Almur-Abdulrahman Or Sunday,15-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammed Abdulkarim Mohammed A Alaw Sunday,15-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Maryam Khameis Obaid Khameis Aal Al Sunday,15-April-2018 06-May-2018 AED 3,000
Saqer M Alattar Thursday,12-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Haydee Marleen Rigters Thursday,12-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammed Ali Ahmed Eisa Almansoori Thursday,12-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Sheikha Amina Almualla Thursday,12-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ayesha M Abbas Thursday,12-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Faisal Ramadan M Enany Wednesday,11-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abdulrahman Mubarak Mohammed Alwasham Aljenaibi Wednesday,11-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Khalifa Atiq Mubarak Abdulla Eid Wednesday,11-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ahmed Sultan Mohd S Alsharif Wednesday,11-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Uzair Haroon Moosa Wednesday,11-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Kamlesh S Parekh &Or Priti K Tuesday,10-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ali Ahmed Ali Ahmed Alzeyoudi Tuesday,10-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abdul Majeed Nadukkattil Tuesday,10-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Batool Alsayed Ali Tuesday,10-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammad Irshad Shahidmohammad Siddique Tuesday,10-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Dinyar Naushirwan Dubash Monday,09-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Shaikha Hassan Mohammad Ismail Abdu Monday,09-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Saleha Darwish Farhan Nasser Monday,09-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Elmira Khairulina Monday,09-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Hend Kamelsaad Ahmed Elbakly Monday,09-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Antoine Fakhoury Sunday,08-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ayman Sheikh Khaleel Mohammad Deib Sunday,08-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Majed Co Jassim M Albastaki                                                     Sunday,08-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abdoljalil Khorshid Ghasemi Sunday,08-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Fatima Abdulkhaliq A Alkhoori Sunday,08-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abu Turab Mir Mohammadi Thursday,05-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Samal Mohamed Sidhik Thursday,05-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Khalid Co M. Alkhaja (Minor) Thursday,05-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Khalifa Sultan Ahmed Sultan Alsuwaidi Thursday,05-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Maryam Mohammed A Baakeel Thursday,05-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Kyle Aguilar Rioflorido Wednesday,04-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Farah Naz Mohammad Z Umer Wednesday,04-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Saifunbee Husainso Shaikh                                                       Wednesday,04-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohamed Helal Alzahmi Wednesday,04-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ayman Mohamedmohamedanis Ahmed Kassem Wednesday,04-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ali Humaid Hamad Bueissa Alshamsi Tuesday,03-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Adel Abdulla Ahmed A Alkulaib Tenai Tuesday,03-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ayesha Mohd Ahmad Sulaiman Tuesday,03-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mansour Rashidhumaidabdelrahman Alshamsi Or Aisha Rashidhumaid Alshamsi Tuesday,03-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Debasis Sinha Tuesday,03-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Ismeth Fathima Monday,02-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mirna Kazan Kazan` Monday,02-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Jamila Ghuloom Talib Ali Monday,02-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Fayez Ahmad S Alrasheed                                                         Monday,02-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Muhammad Kashif Monday,02-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Sheik Allawdeen Abdul Rahim Sunday,01-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Shahzeena Hussain Sunday,01-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohamed Ibrahim Abdalla Ali Alraees Sunday,01-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Nabiha Remmani Sunday,01-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Maria Tronina Sunday,01-April-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mahra Mohammed Saeed Bin Aldadaa Al Thursday,29-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Omar Hosny Mohamed Attia Thursday,29-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Saeed Mohammad A.S. Alfalasi Thursday,29-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Moaza Sultan Salem Thursday,29-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Hossein Asrar Haghighi Or Jaleh Hassan Parviz Nayebi Ahranjani Thursday,29-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abdalla Eisa Wednesday,28-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Imad Eldin Faroug Wednesday,28-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Hasan Ali Hasan Almarzooqi Wednesday,28-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Jamal Mohammed Khalufa Saqer Almarr Wednesday,28-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohammed Ali Saleh Abdulrab Wednesday,28-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Bashar T M Thafer Tuesday,27-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Fares M F Soboh Tuesday,27-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Sara Ali Mohammed Alsout Alshehhi Tuesday,27-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Saeed Hamdan Saeed Rashed Almurshidi Tuesday,27-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Hasan Abdulrazzak Azrak Tuesday,27-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Makki Ali Ibrahim Monday,26-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Muhammad Hameed Chaudhry Monday,26-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohamed Atwan Ibrahim Ibrahim Amer Monday,26-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Thami Chiadmi Chiadmi Monday,26-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Bilquis Muhammad Haroon Gazi Monday,26-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Monir R. K. Alsolh Monday,26-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abdullatheef Ponakuzhi Bava Sunday,25-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Abdul Aziz Mwafak Rajjoub Sunday,25-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Mohamad Mhd Nasser Alharbali Sunday,25-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
Haris Ali Sunday,25-March-2018 15-April-2018 AED 3,000
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