Great news! We've successfully completed our system upgrade.

At Emirates Islamic, we have always invested in innovation and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best in banking products and customer service. We have now launched our new banking system aimed at bringing our customers the best banking experience.

New Account Number, IBAN and Customer Number (CIF)

As part of the system upgrade, your Emirates Islamic Account Number, IBAN and CIF have changed; however, your banking continues as usual and will not be affected as your old Account Number and IBAN will continue to operate as normal and everything else remains the same including:

Debit Card and PINs
Cheque books
Postdated Cheques
Username and Password of Online Banking, smartBUSINESS and EI Trade
Direct Debits

Going forward, we request you to use your new Account Number, IBAN and CIF for all your banking activities. Your account statement will now reflect the new Account Number.

Generate your new Account Number, IBAN, and CIF below


Disclaimer : Please carefully input your Account Number. A correct and valid Emirates Islamic UAE Account Number must be entered to ensure a correct and valid new Account Number, IBAN, and CIF are generated.