Expo2020 Business Banking Packages Expo2020 Business Banking Packages

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Welcome to Emirates Islamic Expo 2020 Dubai Business Banking Account

Welcome to Dubai and the World’s Greatest Show in 2020.

We are pleased to be the official Islamic Banking Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai and present exclusive Business Banking packages to meet the needs of participating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • Exclusive to SMEs registered with the Expo 2020 Dubai Online Marketplace
  • No minimum average monthly fees for the first 12 months*
  • One of the lowest minimum average account balance requirements in UAE (AED 10,000) after the first 12 months
  • Dedicated team of Relationship Managers to cover your banking needs
  • Team of experienced Trade Specialists and Wealth Advisors to cater to your trade and takaful (Islamic insurance) related banking requirements
  • Preferential pricing for banking transactions, foreign exchange and fund transfers
  • Eligibility to Sign up for smartBUSINESS e-banking solution for easy online access to your account 24/7
  • Emirates Islamic Business Debit Card (Available from December 2019)
  • Dedicated Business Banking Call Center for all your banking requirements

*You will be charged a monthly Relationship Management Fee (RMF) of AED 300 if your average account balance falls below AED 10,000 from the thirteenth month onwards.

Terms & conditions apply.