Trade and Supply Chain Solutions Trade and Supply Chain Solutions

Easily manage trade-related risks. Flexible solutions that fit your supply chain demands.


Emirates Islamic provides a variety of Trade and Supply Chain services. These services are designed to take care of your business, both locally and internationally. The services offered are Shari'a compliant. The product suite is extensively created to handle your business requirements that involve import, export, and guarantee issuance.
Backed by a highly skilled team, your business activities are handled professionally, and more efficiently. Your business can grow with the help of the Emirates Islamic Supply Chain team.

With smartTrade, you will get connected to end-to-end import finance solutions on an online platform. Secure passwords and encrypted services on smartTrade helps keep your access confidential and safe.

Avail a range of accounts with valuable services, payment features via physical and electronic platforms, and comfortable collection facilities.

Following is a brief snapshot of the facilities provided:

  • Import Services
  • Export Services
  • Guarantees
  • smartTrade

Import Services

Emirates Islamic offers you a wide range of import services. An experienced trade team executes these imports services, which assure a sense of professionalism and efficiency in the handling of your business transactions.

With support of Emirates Islamic's International correspondent network no matter where you do your business, our representatives are there to assist you. You may choose from our wide range of Trade Solutions.

Following are the types of Trade Solutions that you can opt for:

  • Import LC
  • Standby LC
  • Back to Back LC
  • Revolving Letter of Credit
  • Structured Letter of Credit
  • Bills for Collection (DA/DP)
  • Avalisation
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Open Account
  • Import Finance

Export Services

Exporters need support and guidance in managing the payment risk of international trade, for trading parties.

Whether you are a new or well established exporter, Emirates Islamic's Trade and Supply Chain team can help you to manage your risks, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

To benefit from Emirates Islamic's export services, simply request your buyers to advise documentary credits through Emirates Islamic or reach out to our transaction banking representatives for further discussion.

Following are some export services that you can benefit from:

  • LC Advising
  • LC Confirmation
  • Transfer of LC
  • Assignment of Proceeds
  • Export Collection (DA/DP)
  • Export Finance


In business, buyers, sellers and others involved need to be sure that their counterpart can be trusted to perform the intended contractual obligations.

A bank guarantee is used as a protection against non-fulfillment of another party's obligations.

Emirates Islamic provides you with prompt issuance of all guarantees to help you meet your requirements and important deadlines.

In addition, we assist you with the issuance of guarantees to and from your international business partners through Emirates Islamic's correspondent network.

We are able to issue all types of guarantees in compliance with Shariah principles:

  • Tender Bond
  • Advance Payment Bond
  • Performance Bond
  • Retention Bond
  • E-Guarantee (Labour)
  • Financial and Payment Guarantee
  • Counter Guarantee
  • Maintenance Guarantee


  • Emirates Islamic's online trade finance platform, designed to facilitate fast and efficient Trade Finance transactions for your company.
  • It is a complete Islamic trade platform designed to reduce turnaround time, save operating cost, make international trade financing easy, efficient and secure.
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