Takaful Emarat Secure Life Plan Takaful Emarat Secure Life Plan

Takaful Emarat Secure Life Plan* is a Shariah Compliant protection and saving plan. It is designed to protect your loved ones with financial security and peace of mind in case of any unforeseen events.

The plan is also designed to assist the participants covered under this plan to achieve their financial goals such as Child Education, Children Marriage and Retirement.

Key Features

  • Minimum monthly contribution of AED 500 or USD 150 only
  • Enjoy Takaful protection benefit up to the age of 85 years
  • Minimum Contribution payment term of 5 years only
  • Free built-in Passive cover against War Risk
  • Early surrender options with no penalties
  • Flexibility in changing the protection benefits in addition to increasing and decreasing the contributions value
  • Option to choose from several additional Takaful protection benefits to suit your need

*Takaful Emarat Secure Life Plan is provided by Takaful Emarat, Emirates Islamic is only a distributor for this product.
Terms & Conditions apply.