Free Money Transfers Promotion

Send money to your loved ones.

Absolutely free International transfers. No remittance charges. No Correspondent bank charges.

At Emirates Islamic, we bring you convenient, simple & fast ways of transferring money to your loved ones. That’s not all, now all your local & international transfers will be free of any charge including correspondent banks charges.

Offer valid from 11 May to 11 August 2020.

Please ensure you select “APPLICANT” or “OURS” under Fees/Charges to enjoy free transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this campaign about?

  • All international & local transfers initiated from Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Branch are now free of charges.
  • Even corresponding bank charges are waived.

How is this offer different?

EI is providing you fee free transfers at attractive foreign exchange rates. This is a very attractive combination as most financial institutions including Exchange Houses charge a fee for international transfers.

What are corresponding bank charges?

These charges apply when you are remitting funds internationally and are different by currency and country of destination. As part of this promotion corresponding bank charges have been waived.

What Charge Code do I need to select to enjoy fee free transfers?

  • You have to select charge code “OUR” to enjoy fee free transfers.
  • If you select charge code SHA then the beneficiary may receive funds after charge deduction.
  • If you select charge code BEN then you will be charged upfront for the fee.

Till when is the promotion valid?

Promotion is valid from 11th May 2020 to 11th August 2020

Does this promotion apply to Cash Exchange at Branches as well?

Only Local & International transfers are included as part of this campaign

Is this promotion valid for customers from all segments?

Currently, this offer is open to customers from Personal Banking, Advantage Banking, Priority Banking and Private Banking.

Which channels can I use to initiate the transactions?

This offer is applicable to transfer requests initiated from Online Banking, Mobile Banking or Branch channels.

How is this offer different from free QuickRemit transfers?

QuickRemit transfers are currently open for 2 corridors (India and Pakistan) while this offer is applicable to 30+ currencies across 150+ destinations worldwide.

Can I visit any branch to give request for FX transfers and enjoy this promotion?

You may visit any branch to enjoy this offer. However, in light of the current situation, we encourage you to use our digital channels to initiate your transfer requests and visit Branch only if it is absolutely necessary.

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