EI SmartMiles to InterMiles Redemption

Now, you can convert your accumulated EI SmartMiles into InterMiles. These InterMiles can then be redeemed for flights on any of the 7000+ airlines across the world!!!

To be eligible, you need to accumulate a minimum of 20,000 EI SmartMiles to get 4000 InterMiles.

So hurry! Start converting and get closer to your dream destination!

Please visit InterMiles to become a InterMiles member.

Conversion Process:

  • Accumulate a minimum of 20,000 EI SmartMiles to be eligible for redemption.
  • Customer can convert their EI SmartMiles to InterMiles in the ratio of 20,000 EI SmartMiles = 4000 InterMiles.
  • EI SmartMiles is available to only those Cardholders holding valid/active Emarati & Flex Credit Cards. Conversion of EI SmartMiles to InterMiles shall be permitted only for those Cardholders who are simultaneously also InterMiles Members.
  • Quote your InterMiles membership number which needs to be credited with the requisite InterMiles.
  • Shortly after placing your request, the appropriate Intermiles will reflect in your Intermiles membership account.
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