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Before you start

  • You will be asked security questions so we can make sure that it’s you. Please be prepared with your Account or Debit Card Number and registered Mobile Number.
  • Please keep on hand a copy of an MT103 or any other proof of transfer to be attached to your request
  • Once done, you will receive an SMS with the request details on your registered mobile number.
  • Banks usually process local transfers within 2 working days and international transfers usually within 4 working days.
  • The processing time for this service request is within 16 working days, once completed, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number confirming your transfer.
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Quick Answers

An MT103 is a standardized SWIFT payment message used specifically for cross border/international transfers and includes transfer details such as date, amount, currency, sender, and recipient.
The sender will be able to request their bank to provide an MT103 for the transfer and share it with you

A proof of transfer can be a transfer receipt, bank statement, or CB103 for local transfers or a copy of an MT103 for international transfers containing the following details:

  • Sender’s name and account details
  • Date of transfer
  • Sender's country and currency of transfer
  • Transfer amount
  • Receiver’s account details
  • MT103 is mandatory to trace international transfers
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