Whatsapp Banking

Register for WhatsApp Banking

Access basic banking services securely and conveniently on WhatsApp

Emirates Islamic WhatsApp Banking is a secure channel which allows you to conduct basic banking functions on the go. WhatsApp Banking gives you instant responses to select banking queries and service requests.

How to Register for WhatsApp Banking

You can register for WhatsApp Banking instantly, but only if your Account is linked to your registered Mobile Number.

Choose one of the channels below to proceed:


What’s Next

You’ll receive a welcome message from us and you’re all set. Just type ‘Info’ and send on the chat and you’ll see a list of services we offer on WhatsApp Banking.  


Look for the green badge of verification next to Emirates Islamic's name in the chat to ensure that it’s really us you’re talking to. You can click on the icon to verify that it’s an official business account. It should show Emirates Islamic`s business details.

WhatsApp Banking Features

Here are some of the features that are available on WhatsApp Banking:

  • Check your Current Account and Savings Account balance.
  • View your last 5 Account and Credit Card transactions.
  • View your Credit Card Statement and Reward Points.
  • Request for a Cheque Book.
  • Temporary card blocking and unblocking.
  • View our Foreign Exchange rates.
  • Apply for a limit increase on your Credit Card.
  • Check your Service Request’s status.
  • Unregister from WhatsApp Banking.


You must be above 21 years old to apply for WhatsApp Banking.

It may be that you’re using a mobile number that is not registered with us or that you’re below the age of 21. In both these cases you can’t apply for WhatsApp Banking.

If you’ve recently changed the mobile number you registered with us, you can update it in a few simple steps and then proceed to register for WhatsApp Banking. Learn how to update your mobile number.

No, to use Emirates Islamic WhatsApp Banking, you'll need to have an Active Account or Credit Card with Emirates Islamic

No, WhatsApp Banking is only available in English now.

On the Emirates Islamic chat, type “opt out” and you’ll be unsubscribed instantly.

To ensure that you’re interacting with our official business account on WhatsApp, look for the green badge verification next to Emirates Islamic 's name in the chat. Click on the icon and you should see Emirates Islamic's business details.

Should you lose your phone, or if it falls in the wrong hands, you might become vulnerable to data theft. In this case, please contact us on +971 600 599 995 and report it to us immediately.

We advise you to take additional precaution such as activating your Sim Card with a PIN and enabling WhatsApp's 2-step verification. WhatsApp 2-step verification adds more security to your Account. Once it is enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp (when changing phones or swapping sim cards for example) must be accompanied by a 6-digit PIN you create.

You can just start a new conversation again. To do this, you need to have Emirates Islamic`s number +971 600 599 995 in your contact list.

Emirates Islamic will never ask you to share your personal information via WhatsApp (like full Card/ Account Number, CVV, Credit Card Expiry Date, PIN, OTP, Mobile/ Online ID, Password, answers to your Secret Questions, etc), you may be asked to input only the last 4 digits of your Card or Account Number.