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Welcome to Emirates Islamic

Launched in 2004, the bank was established to deliver the highest standards of banking services in line with the highest standards of Shari'a principles. Offering a broad range of products designed for individuals and small businesses as well as large corporations, Emirates Islamic is the right choice for those looking for excellence in managing their finances.

At the heart of the Emirates Islamic experience is a dedication to the customer, who sits at the heart of the bank. Our customers are our partners, we work together to ensure that we deliver the best results for them and for the bank. By utilizing Islamic financing tools like Murabaha, Ijarah and Takaful, we reduce the uncertainty in transactions and provide solutions that are right for our customers, whether they are an individual looking to save or a large corporation searching for a long term partner.

You will also see that we have changed the way we look. Our new brand reflects our innovative approach to our commitment to delivering the best financial solutions in the market. It is a reflection of how we see ourselves today and moving into the future. Irrespective of what your financial needs are, we have the solutions that work for you. We look forward to welcoming you to Emirates Islamic.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of high standard Shari'a-compliant innovative financial products, quality service and superior value for our customers, shareholders, employees and the community.

Our vision is clearly focused on taking Emirates Islamic to the next level of success, expanding the reach of the organization on a local and regional level. We are driven to building our organization on the two pillars of Personal and Commercial Banking, which will serve as the engine for our future growth.

Our Mission

Providing innovative and high standard financial products and services governed by Islamic Shari'a provision to enrich the society.

Our mission drives us to focus on the needs of our customers, not just for today or tomorrow but also at every major turning point in their lives. We do so by focusing on innovation to create the right products and services that can help us meet the needs of these customers.

What is Islamic Banking

Islamic Banking is a form of modern banking based on Islamic legal concepts (Shari'a) developed in the first centuries of Islam, using risk-sharing as its main method, and excluding financing based on a fixed, pre-determined return.

Unlike the interest-based commercial banking system, where all the pressure is on the borrower, who must pay back the loan at the agreed interest, regardless of the success or failure of his venture. Islamic Banking believes in sharing profits and risks in the business instead of becoming creditors. In Islamic Banking the "depositor", the "bank" and the "borrower" all share the risks and rewards of financing business ventures.

The best-known feature of Islamic banking is the prohibition on interest, known as "Ribba". It encourages the notion of higher risks and higher returns, the objective is that high-risk investments provide a stimulus to the economy and encourage entrepreneurs to maximize their efforts. Islam encourages investments in order that the community may benefit.

The shareholders and depositors should all share the risks and the rewards of financing business ventures. This is unlike the interest-based commercial banking system, where all the pressure is on the borrower: to pay back his loan, with the agreed interest, regardless of the success or failure of his venture.

Islamic banking helps to contribute towards a more equitable distribution of income and wealth and increased equity participation in the economy.

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