Cardless Cash Withdrawal Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Avoid the hassle of issuing cheques or maintaining debit cards anymore.

Multiple Beneficiaries
Reduced Cost
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The benefits of Cardless Cash Withdrawals include


Can be allocated to anyone with a UAE mobile number and valid Emirates ID


PIN will be sent to beneficiary's mobile number, with a validity of 24 hours

Multiple Beneficiaries

Bulk upload and bucket transactions options to allocate cash to multiple beneficiaries

Total Control

Users can recall the transaction before the beneficiary withdrawal

Reduced Risk

Can be used to distribute petty cash amongst the employees, reduces the risk of having cash at one location for distribution

reduced cost

Reduced Cost

No requisition of Debit/Prepaid Card, reducing the maintenance cost

How it works

Get started with these simple steps

Step 1

To initiate a request, login to businessONLINE

Step 2

Select the Cardless Cash Withdrawal menu

Step 3

Enter the amount and select desired beneficiary

Step 4

Upon authorization, a reference number will be sent to beneficiary's mobile number

Step 5

Beneficiary can visit any of the Emirates Islamic ATMs and withdraw cash within 24 hours from receipt of SMS

Things to remember

  • Once initiated, the transaction is valid for only 24 hours
  • You can only initiate transactions to registered beneficiaries
  • If your beneficiary types in the wrong OTP or amount thrice consecutively, the transaction will be cancelled automatically. This is to safeguard you against fraud or theft

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