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Administration and Entitlements

Because you’re entitled to convenience.

businessONLINE provides highly intuitive navigation aimed at simplifying user entitlements that traditionally get complex when setting up various users by placing no restriction on the number of admins, eliminating the need to maintain multiple account IDs to work with different transactions.

Greater productivity
Wizard-based navigation allows administrators to conduct entitlement maintenance and administration processes easily. It provides clear symbols on pre-defined user groups and pre-defined templates for products and services KYC documents can also be uploaded and updated in a few clicks.

More flexibility
The platform holds multiple admins with interchangeable roles, allowing continuous access without the need to sign in with a new ID every time.

More power
A single login credential is required for every user which means you can manage multiple roles such as authorizer as well as an administrator while using a single credential.

Account Management and Reporting

A financial powerhouse at your fingertips.

businessONLINE provides single access to all banking accounts along with external account reporting and a consolidated 360-degree view of cash positions across entities.

Real-time information
Have access to real-time aggregated cash positions across the bank and entities. Plus, get updates on your account status as well as account balances.

Higher customization
Download customized reports for reconciliation, planning, or forecasting online. Account statements can be downloaded in any format including MT940, CSV, PDF and Excel in a given date range along with the bank logo, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your requirements.

Time-saving features
Download multi-account statements in a single click or download VAT statements online and update your trade license through the portal, reducing the time needed in doing these physically at bank branches or downloading multiple statements.

Remote services
Effortlessly provide instructions to the bank from the comfort of your office premise to manage task-based requests to monitor requests online and enjoy faster turnaround time, complete transaction visibility, and reporting capabilities through two methods:

  • Online Drop Box – Upload signed instructions or forms for the bank to process
  • Online Form* - Enter the details online for transactions already initiated from businessONLINE. (*applicable for online TT amendment, TT Recall, Token Request)

Self-service portals
A new range of self-service requests are available including cheque book request, report lost or stolen card, stop cheque request, deposit request, fixed/Wakala, General SR. Entitlement Change, and General SR.

CXO Dashboard
The CXO Dashboard is an executive dashboard for the CEOs, CFOs and Corporate Treasurers of our corporate clients to provide a consolidated view of your financial position with the bank including assets and liabilities, accounts summary, FX positions, facility utilization, and both market-data exchange rates and benchmark interest rates.

Virtual Accounts
These are ledge records that look, feel, and operate like a normal bank account– allowing you to segregate daily transactional activities and support intercompany balance and virtual liquidity management. Virtual accounts provide opportunity for bank account consolidation, improved cash visibility, and enhanced operational efficiency in multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-country structures for natural cash concentration and optimizing working capital.

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