Apply for a partial finance settlement

Apply for a partial finance settlement

You can clear part of your Emirates Islamic Personal/Home Finance at any time

You can clear part of your Emirates Islamic Personal/Home Finance at any time.

Partial Finance Settlement

You can request to repay a lump sum for your Personal or Home Finance at any time. This can reduce your monthly installments or the tenure of your finance, whichever you prefer. Please note that fees and charges apply if you make partial settlement on your finance.


Conditions to apply for a partial finance settlement:

  • The partial settlement must be equal to, or more than, three installments
  • You must have paid at least the first installment before applying for partial settlement
  • You must have direct debit as your mode of installment payment and have sufficient funds in your account

Apply Now

You can apply for a partial finance settlement through one of the channels below:

  • For Personal Finance:
  • For Home Finance:

Place your request at least 5 working days before your next payment date to make sure it’s processed on time.

Fees and Charges

Personal Finance: 1.05% of payment made (Maximum AED 10,500)

Home Finance

  • 1.05% of the amount being settled/paid (Maximum AED 10,500)
  • Dewan Office Settlement/ Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme – No charge

All above charges are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Refer to our Schedule of Charges to learn more about the Finance Fees and Charges.


Your first installment needs to be paid before you can apply for partial finance settlement.

Partial settlements must have a value of at least 3 installments.

There is no maximum amount you can pay for a partial settlement of your finance when you submit your request by email or at a branch.

The number of requests depends on the bank's approval.

After making a partial settlement, either the tenure or the installments are reduced.

To partly settle or early settle the finance outstanding of your Home Finance with the Bank, you can:


Note: In the event of partial settlement of the outstanding finance amount, the Bank offers the customer the option to choose between maintaining the same instalment amount or the same balance tenor.