Apply for the Emirates Islamic Auto Finance

How to apply, documents required and tracking

Find out how to apply for the Emirates Islamic Auto Finance, what documents you need and how to track your application

Apply for Auto Finance

You can apply for the Emirates Islamic Auto Finance to buy any vehicle of your choice in the UAE.


To apply for Auto Finance, you need to be:

  • A UAE National or a UAE Resident
  • Between 21 and 60 years old
  • Earning a minimum salary of AED 4,000

If you’re self-employed, you need an average balance of AED 10,000 in your Account.

Learn more about the Emirates Islamic Auto Finances

If you’d like to talk to us, register your interest and one of our Auto Finance Experts will get in touch with you.

Apply for Auto Finance

You can apply for the Emirates Islamic Auto Finance through one of the channels below:


If you’re self-employed, you can apply for Auto Finance only through our website or by visiting one of our Business Banking Centers.


What’s Next?

Your application will be processed within 7 to 10 working days. Once your application is approved, your Finance Amount will be transferred to the dealer/seller Account directly or as per your request.

Track your Application

If you’ve already applied for Auto Finance, you can track your application by contacting our Call Centre on +971 600 599 995.

Documents Required

Keep these documents ready:

  • Salary Certificate or documented evidence of income
  • Bank Statement for the last 3 months reflecting salary credits (not required if your salary is already being transferred to Emirates Islamic)
  • Copy of valid passport with a valid residence visa for Expatriates and National ID for Nationals (original required for verification)
  • Post-dated Cheques (if applicable)
  • Security Cheque
  • Comprehensive Islamic vehicle insurance
  • A Quotation or Pro-forma Invoice from the dealer for new vehicles
  • For used vehicles:
    • A Valuation Certificate issued by an Emirates Islamic approved dealer
    • An Ownership Title
    • A Quotation or Offer to Sell to the Bank from the current vehicle owner

If additional documents are required, we’ll inform you during the application process.

Fees and Charges

Processing Fees:

  • For Salaried and Self-employed individuals - 1.05% of the vehicle finance amount (subject to minimum AED 525 and maximum AED 2,625 per vehicle financed)
  • For Rent-a-car and Companies: 1.05% of finance amount (subject to minimum AED 525 per vehicle financed)
  • For LMHV (Light Medium Heavy Vehicle) Finance: 1.05% of finance amount (subject to minimum AED 525 and maximum AED 5,250 per vehicle financed)

All above charges are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Refer to our Schedule of Charges to learn more about the Auto Finance Fees and Charges.


Yes, Accessories and VAT financing is available

The validity of the LPO is 45 days from the date of issue. Terms and Conditions Apply.

No, there is no additional charge for the graced period.

Yes. Terms and Conditions apply.


Yes, it can be deferred, however certain Terms and Conditions apply.

Yes. Terms and Conditions apply.

Yes, your chances of getting Auto Finance are reduced drastically if you have a history of bad payments. However, if your Credit Score has been increasing recently, your chances may increase as well.

Our flexible payment tenor extends to a maximum of 60 months.

The minimum payment tenor is 12 months.

Every time you apply for a finance, the Bank will check your Credit Report. The more times your Credit Report is pulled out, the worse it is for your Credit Score.

  • An Auto Loan is money you borrow and pay back with interest over multiple years
  • However, Auto Finance is a Shariah compliant contract, where the Bank sells an asset at a profit, as Islamic Banks are prohibited from charging interest. So, this product is Usury/Riba free


  • Islamic Banks offer liquidity - in a Shariah compliant way - to the Customer, which can help him settle his outstanding debt with another bank
  • However, Conventional Banks buyout the loan without any Shariah arrangement


As per Shariah, it is impermissible to buy a loan at discount or at premium.

  • Conventional Bank is a financial body which receives money from the depositors against fixed rate of interest and it offers liquidity to borrowers against interest. And it is governed by conventional banking laws
  • Islamic Bank is a financial body which executes commercial contracts like sale & purchase, leasing, or construction and are governed by Islamic banking laws which allow financial bodies to carry on commercial activities for profitable purposes
  • As per Loan arrangement, the borrower needs to return money to the exact lender from whom he borrowed
  • However, Financing is a commercial contract based on sale & purchase, leasing, or construction
  • All banking products offered by Islamic Banks are based on financing
  • Borrower is a person (or entity) who borrows money from someone else
  • Financee is a person who agrees to settle a deferred price payable upon execution of a sale & purchase, leasing, or construction contract
  • Interest is any increment earned over and above the loan amount which is not permissible as per Shariah
  • Profit is any additional revenue generated through various trade activities. Earning profit is permissible as per Shariah


Islamic Banks do not earn any interest on their financings, rather they generate profits through entering various commercial activities like sale & purchase, leasing, construction etc.

  • Installments paid by a Borrower in a Conventional Bank represents repayment of a previously taken loan
  • However, installments paid by the Finance Customer in an Islamic Bank represents payment of the sale price, lease rentals or service charges.
  • Borrower in a Conventional Bank undertakes to pay a penalty in case he delays in settling installments on due dates. These amounts are taken as additional profits for the Bank
  • Financee in an Islamic Bank undertakes to donate an extra amount which goes for charitable purpose and the Bank does not benefit from these amounts