Apply for a Manager’s Cheque

Apply for a Manager’s Cheque

Apply for a Manager’s Cheque via online banking or branches

A Manager's Cheque is a cheque issued by the bank drawn upon itself and can only be cashed by the bearer on the date stated on the cheque. It is also known as a treasury cheque or cashier's cheque.

A Manager's Cheque is always guaranteed by the bank. It is a convenient, safe and reliable way to pay large amounts relatively quickly, as it does not go through the regular cheque clearing process.

In exchange for the cheque, you must deposit the exact amount with the bank and pay a fee for this service.

A drawee can only return a Manager's Cheque if it is forged, contains missing information or has been altered in any way.

A Manager's Cheque can only be issued in AED and is an account payee cheque that can only be cashed locally, i.e. at banks in the UAE.

Apply for a Manager’s Cheque

You can choose one of the channels below to proceed:

What’s Next

If the balance is available and the details are correct, your Manager's Cheque will be processed and sent to you. You will be contacted on your registered mobile number to arrange delivery.

Fees and Charges

The charge for a Manager's Cheque is determined by your Emirates Islamic Banking Package. Learn more details below:


No, you can’t apply for a Manager’s Cheque through the Emirates Islamic Mobile App. However, you can apply for it through online banking. You can access online banking through your desktop or by opening the web browser on your mobile.

A Manager’s Cheque is an order for payment issued by the bank in favor of a specific person or entity. Manager’s Cheques can only be issued in AED and can be drawn by your payee locally i.e. banks in the U.A.E. Unlike a standard cheque, when you request a Manager’s Cheque, the amount is debited from your account and paid to the beneficiary when it is drawn upon.
All Manager's Cheques are issued as account payee and can only be cleared through beneficiary account deposit.
No, there is no cap/limit for the issuance of a Manager's Cheque.
A Manager’s Cheque cannot be returned by the drawee. However, it can only be returned in exceptional cases, e.g. if there is suspicion of forgery, misappropriation, missing details, an incomplete cheque or if it has been altered for fraudulent purposes or if there is a technical error.
The cheque is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.