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Manage your Emirates Islamic Supplementary Credit Card limit

Track and manage your supplementary credit card limit

Track and manage your Emirates Islamic Supplementary Credit Card limit easily

Your Supplementary Credit Card Limit

If you have one or more supplementary credit cards, these cards will utilise a percentage of the total limit of your primary credit card. For example, if your credit card has a total limit of AED 10,000 and you assign 10% of your limit for your supplementary credit card, the holder of the supplementary card can only spend AED 1,000 with their card within one billing cycle (statement date to the next statement date).

Track Your Available Supplementary Credit Card Limit

You can track your available supplementary credit card limits through any of the following channels:


Increase/Decrease your Supplementary Credit Card Limit

Only you, as the primary credit cardholder, can increase or decrease the limit of your supplementary credit card. You can do this by changing the percentage of the total limit of your primary credit card that is assigned to the supplementary credit card.

To request a change to your supplementary credit card limit, please contact our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Your request will be processed within 4 working days.


You can view your supplementary cardholder’s limit usage or transaction history via Online Banking and the Mobile Banking App. Your supplementary cardholder’s transactions will also be listed in your monthly credit card statements.

Yes, you can. However, the total card limit will not be updated/reloaded, and the payment does not balance the usage limit of the supplementary card. By default, the supplementary card limit is updated/reloaded on the day the statement is printed.

Alternatively, the primary cardholder can request an increase in the limit for the supplementary card so that the supplementary cardholder can spend more within the same billing cycle (provided the total limit of the card can be utilised).