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Open a fixed deposit

Open a fixed deposit via online or mobile banking or at a branch

Open an Emirates Islamic Fixed Deposit through our Online/Mobile Banking or by visiting one of our branches.

Open a Fixed Deposit

To open a fixed deposit account, you need to have an existing current account or savings account with Emirates Islamic. If you don’t have that, first open an account with us and then apply for a fixed deposit. This is also available for minors.

The quickest way to open a fixed deposit account with us is through our Online Banking or Mobile Banking. You can also visit your nearest Emirates Islamic branch with your Emirates ID or passport.

Here are the different kinds of deposits that UAE residents and non-residents can open with us.

Standard Investment Term Deposits, Flexi Deposits and Booster Wakala Deposits can also be opened by Sole Proprietorships, Partnership Companies, Joint Stock Companies and Limited Liability Companies.


You can have fixed deposits with us for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 5 years. You can always renew your deposit at the end of the tenure. 

Profit rates differ depending on the tenure and currency of your fixed deposit. Click here for the current rates.

You can redeem your fixed deposit by visiting your nearest Emirates Islamic branch or logging in to Online Banking.

If your instructions are to auto-renew at maturity, your fixed deposit will be renewed unless you give new instructions at least two working days before the maturity date. The fixed deposit will be renewed together with any profits accrued for the same period at the current profit rate.

You can change a fixed deposit instruction by visiting your nearest Emirates Islamic branch . For additional funding, deposits will be prematurely closed and rebooked as new fixed deposits.

If you decide to make a partial withdrawal or foreclose your deposit before the agreed tenure, your profit rate will be affected depending on the type of deposit you have. Learn more by following the links below:

The minimum amount depends on the type of deposit you open:

  • Booster Wakala requires a minimum amount of AED 25,000
  • Investment Term Deposit requires a minimum amount of AED 10,000
  • Flexi Term Deposits do not require a minimum deposit