Release hold due to liabilities

Here’s how you can release a hold on funds due to credit card or finance payments that are overdue

Release Hold for Liabilities

 To release a hold on funds in your Account due to credit card or finance payments that are overdue, follow the steps below:

Credit Card: An amount can be put on hold only if you have Auto Payment enabled and there are not enough funds in the Account to clear the amount due.

You need to fund the Account to trigger the Auto Payment and the hold amount will be released within 1 working day.

Finance: If you have defaulted on a finance payment, the due amount will be put on hold in your Account.

To release the hold, make a payment directly to the Finance Account.

If you’ve made a payment directly to your Credit Card or your Finance Account and the amount hasn’t been released, you can use one of the channels below:

Phone Banking

Contact our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 and follow the instructions.