Use QuickRemit to transfer money to UK , India and Pakistan

Emirates Islamic’s QuickRemit facility allows you to transfer money instantly and for free to partner banks in the UK, India and Pakistan.

Use QuickRemit to Make a Transfer

Emirates Islamic’s QuickRemit facility allows you to transfer money instantly and for free to partner banks in India and Pakistan.

QuickRemit is meant for personal transactions only and you need to transfer a minimum of AED 100.


Upper limit per transfer


INR 5,000,000


PKR 500,000

Can’t use QuickRemit?

To transfer money to other countries, you can make a regular International Money Transfer.

Learn more about Money Transfer.

Before you use QuickRemit

Before initiating QuickRemit, you need to add the person to whom you are sending money as a beneficiary. Learn more about how to Add a Transfer Beneficiary.

Please note, when you add a new beneficiary, you need to wait 24 hours before making a transfer.

Transfer Money Now

To make a transfer, choose one of the channels below:


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Processing Time and Charges

If the QuickRemit is made during the working hours of the partner bank (HDFC/Faysal), it will be processed within 60 seconds or within 1 hour if transferred to any other bank account. Otherwise, it will happen the next working day.

There are no charges for the QuickRemit service.

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This depends on your Banking Package and Transaction Limit.
No, you can’t reverse a QuickRemit Transfer. If the details that you have provided are inaccurate, then the transfer will be returned to your Emirates Islamic Account within 3 to 5 working days. You are also liable to bear the exchange loss should there be any, for providing incorrect beneficiary details.

Here are some of the reasons QuickRemit can be delayed:

  • The transfer was initiated after Processing Hours or it’s a bank holiday in the recipient’s country. Your request will be processed the next working day.
  • Your beneficiary details are inaccurate, or your transfer was made for business and not personal purposes. In this case, your transfer will be returned within 3 to 5 working days.
  • The Bank may require more information for some transfers. If this is the case, your request will need to be processed using Emirates Islamic’s regular Money Transfer service.