Samsung Pay

Adding your Emirates Islamic Cards to Samsung Pay

Link your Emirates Islamic Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card to Samsung Pay

Link your Emirates Islamic Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card to your Samsung devices and make secure payments in-person and online with Samsung Pay

Setting up Samsung Pay is easy

Samsung Pay is accepted almost everywhere in the UAE and some other countries, making it one of the most prominent forms of mobile payment worldwide. Emirates Islamic customers can easily link their debit, credit, or pre-paid cards to the Samsung app, which is supported by Samsung devices.


To use Samsung Pay with Emirates Islamic, you must own any Samsung mobile device and have one or more Emirates Islamic Cards, including Visa Debit, Prepaid or Credit Cards.

Add your Card to Samsung Pay

To get started, download, and open the Samsung Pay App on your mobile device.

Once you are signed in, follow the steps below to register your Emirates Islamic Card:

  • Launch the Samsung Pay App and sign in with your login or fingerprint
  • Click on the menu in the top left corner and then click on Cards
  • Click on Add Card and then Add Credit/Debit Card
  • To scan your card details, click Allow to Scan Card or enter the card details manually
  • Agree to the Samsung Pay Terms and Conditions
  • Verify the One-Time Password sent via SMS or email and enter the authentication code you received

Make a purchase using Samsung Pay

In the App, simply select the bank card you want to use and verify your identity through PIN, fingerprint, or eye scanning recognition. Then hold your phone up to the contactless reader and complete the transaction. You’re your purchases in seconds and be confident that you always have a means of payment in your pocket.

To make a purchase using Samsung Pay, simply follow the steps below:

  • Unlock your device and navigate to the Samsung Pay App
  • Once signed into the app, select a card to use and verify your identity through PIN, fingerprint, or IRIS recognition
  • Hold your phone up to the payment terminal to initiate the transaction
  • Follow the instructions on the terminal to complete the payment

Remove your Card from Samsung Pay

You can remove your bank cards from Samsung Pay at any time. By deleting your bank card from your account, you remove all relevant bank information from your phone. However, remember that if Samsung Pay is active on other devices, you will need to delete the card on each device individually.

To remove your card from Samsung Pay, follow the steps below:

  • Unlock your device and navigate to the Samsung Pay App
  • Once signed into the app, select the card you want to delete
  • Click More and select Delete Card
  • Click on Delete to confirm


Using Emirates Islamic Cards with Samsung Pay is secure. Here are some of the key security features you should know about:

  • Your full card number is not stored on your mobile device - a unique token number is used instead. The token number is stored within the secured element of the device 'Samsung Knox'
  • All transactions are monitored by Emirates Islamic's risk and fraud detection systems
  • Every transaction is authorised through a fingerprint or the device PIN
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, Samsung's ‘Find My Mobile’ feature enables users to remotely locate, lock and even delete your device. Alternatively, you can call us on +to delete the card from your lost/stolen phone. Your physical card can still be used

Yes, you can configure and use Samsung Pay on multiple devices. You will need to log in to Samsung Pay on each device with your User ID and password.

You can use the card for online purchases if the merchant provides the option to pay with Samsung Pay.

It takes 10 minutes for your card to be activated after registering for Samsung Pay.

You can register up to 10 payment cards with Samsung Pay. This includes credit cards, debit cards and pre-paid cards.

When a merchant asks for the last four digits of the card, please provide the last four digits of the digital card number, not the physical card. You’ll find this on the card image in Samsung Pay.

Please contact the Samsung Pay Call Center on 800 7729.

Your Samsung Pay transaction will be declined if your card is blocked or suspended.

If your old card was blocked when you placed a request for a replacement card, you will need to activate and enroll your new card to continue using Samsung Pay.

Yes, you must delete all data and cards you have added to Samsung Pay on your phone before you sell or give away your device. This is similar to what you would do for any other app that has stored your card details, or what you would do with your Facebook and email accounts.

If your card is lost or stolen, call us immediately on +971 600 599 995. We will need to block the card and replace it to prevent unauthorised transactions. Once we block your card, you will no longer be able to use Samsung Pay. Please remember that you will continue to be liable for all transactions on your card until you report the loss to the Bank as stated in our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, they can. Please note that the authentication code for setting up Samsung Pay on your dependent’s device will be sent to your (the primary cardholder's) registered mobile number. If you need any help, please call us on +971 600 599 995.