link your debit card to your savings

Using your Debit and Credit Cards abroad

Make purchases and withdraw cash with your Emirates Islamic Debit/Credit Card internationally

Tap and pay or withdraw cash easily

You can use any of your Emirates Islamic Debit or Credit Cards abroad to make purchases and to withdraw local currency from cash machines. This is a safer option than carrying large amounts of cash or traveler’s cheques.

Keep your mobile number active when you travel

It’s not mandatory to inform the Bank if you’re travelling out of the UAE and intend to use your Card, but it’s important to keep your registered mobile number active when you travel abroad so you continue to receive SMS alerts for all transactions on your Card.

Keeping your number active allows us to confirm any alerted suspicious transactions you make abroad and lets us contact you immediately if we detect any unusual activity on your Card.

Things to know before you travel

Check your balance before you travel: Remember to check your Account or Card balance so you don’t run out in the middle of your trip.

Fees and Charges