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Visa extended warranty

Give your purchases an extended warranty for up to one year

Give your devices an extra, extended warranty with your Emirates Islamic Visa Platinum, Signature or Infinite Debit or Credit Card

How to Submit a Claim?

The following information must be provided:

  • Your full name
  • The first 9 digits of your covered card number
  • Your address
  • Copy of your purchase receipt showing that the entire payment for the item was made with the credit card
  • Legible copies of all warranty information, including but not limited to the original manufacturer’s warranty, store warranty or any other applicable extended warranty
  • Account statement showing that the account is active and in good standing

Once you send the email, the insurance company will send you a claim form to complete, sign, and return within 7 days of making the original claim by email.

Learn More About Visa Extended Warranty

Give your devices an extra, extended warranty. With your Emirates Islamic Visa Platinum, Signature or Infinite Debit and Credit Card, you get double coverage - your repair period will be double of the original manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase, up to one year.

Please note:

  • You should have made the full payment of the product with your Visa card
  • This is applicable for new purchases only
  • Make sure you have the proof of payment with you for us to verify your claim

For further information and terms and conditions, please visit and log in using your Visa card number.


After you have submitted a claim by email to, you will receive a claim form from the insurance company with further instructions. You need to complete this form, sign it, and return it to the company by email along with the specified documents within 7 days of the original claim submission.

Yes, cardholders with eligible cards (including secondary cards) issued by Visa that are valid, open and in good standing (not cancelled, suspended or delinquent) at the time of the claim, are eligible for payment or other benefits provided under the Policy.

The Extended Warranty is active by default on all Emirates Islamic Visa Platinum, Signature or Infinite Debit and Credit Cards.

The extended warranty coverage is a standard benefit offered by Visa as part of the card features and benefits.