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Awqaf Dubai supports low-income individuals with 2,000 ‘Sand Cards’

Dubai, 27 March 2024: Endowments and Minors' Trust Foundation (Awqaf Dubai), in collaboration with Community Development Authority in Dubai and Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, has provided 2000 Sand Cards worth AED 2 million to eligible groups registered with the Authority. This initiative aims to support low-income individuals, including orphans, widows, senior citizens, people of determination, and those with limited income.

The card includes a pre-deposited financial amount of AED 1,000 by the Foundation into a dedicated bank account at Emirates Islamic. Cardholders can enjoy discount benefits at Carrefour and Union Coop stores. The card allows for retail purchases in at point-of-sale terminals.

His Excellency Ali Mohammed Al-Mutawa, Secretary-General of Awqaf Dubai affirmed that this support is part of Awqaf Dubai's strategy to empower beneficiaries with social assistance, enhance their quality of life, and improve the living conditions of orphans, widows, people of determination, senior citizens, and those with limited income.

H.E. Al-Mutawa further added that the distribution of the card was carried out in collaboration with Emirates Islamic, and the pre-loaded Sand Card can be activated as a banking card, enabling cardholders to make purchases at various retail outlets using the card.

H.E. Al-Mutawa stated, "The Foundation’s Social Affairs Bank is dedicated to providing support to eligible individuals registered with various collaborating entities. This is done to ensure a decent standard of living for them, in line with the aspirations of the benefactors and philanthropists. The Foundation is committed to delivering support to those in need in collaboration with various stakeholders."

He mentioned that Awqaf Dubai has allocated approximately AED 22.5 million towards the Social Affairs Bank and general welfare expenditures. These funds have been disbursed to support and empower socio-economically disadvantaged segments of society.

Farid Al Mulla, Chief Executive Officer at Emirates Islamic, said: “We are pleased to continue to lend our support to Awqaf Dubai on the Sand banking card designed to provide financial support to deserving members of the UAE community. As a leading Shari’ah-compliant bank, Emirates Islamic strives to serve and contribute towards society through impactful partnerships that will have a positive impact on the welfare and prosperity of those in need.”