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EI Smart Pass

Key Benefits

Savings Account
No fee
Safe and Secure
Touch ID Enabled
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Smart Pass Activation Steps

1. Log in to the Mobile App and tap “Proceed” on the Smart Pass banner

Smart Pass Activation Steps1

2. Verify your email

Smart Pass Activation Steps2

3. Enter the code received as an SMS on your Mobile Phone

Smart Pass Activation Steps3

4. Enter a 4-digit Smart Pass PIN of your choice

Smart Pass Activation Steps4

5. Smart Pass PIN activated successfully

Smart Pass Activation Steps5

How to authorise a Mobile / Online transaction



1. Once you initiate a transaction from online banking, a pop up will inform you to authorize the transaction from your trusted mobile device.

Transaction 1

2. You will receive a notification on your mobile or you will be able to see a pending transaction on your activity page.

Transaction 2

3. You will be asked to slide to confirm the transaction

Transaction 3

4. Enter your SmartPass PIN to confirm

Transaction 4

5. You will get a confirmation message in both Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Transaction 5 Transaction 6

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