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Starting a new job can be stressful, but with the Emirates Islamic Ahlan Package* you can focus on the new challenges at work without worrying about managing your day to day banking requirements. The Job Starter Package, is available to both UAE Nationals and Expatriates, includes a Free Current Account, Cheque Book and ATM Card, Personal Finance, Auto Finance and a Credit Card.

Setting up an Job Starter Package is easy, simply arrange for your first salary to be credited to your Emirates Islamic account with a Salary Transfer Letter.

You also get a discount of 0.25% on the profit rates of your Personal and/or Auto Finance when you apply for two or more of these products.

Personal Finance

  • Maximum Finance Amount - AED 200,000
  • Maximum Multiples of Salary - 10
  • Minimum Salary (Expatriates) - AED 10,000/month
  • Minimum Salary (UAE Nationals) - AED 5,000/month
  • Maximum Tenure - 4 years
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Credit Cards

  • Card Limit - Maximum 1 time monthly salary
  • Annual Fee - Free for 1st Year
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Auto Finance

  • Maximum Finance Amount (Expatriates) - AED 350,000
  • Maximum Finance Amount (UAE Nationals) - AED 500,000
  • Down Payment - 20%
  • Processing Fee - Zero
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