Balance Transfer Facility Balance Transfer Facility

Emirates Islamic offers the balance transfer facility where you can save money and manage your cash flows in a better way. Simply transfer your credit card outstanding from other bank cards to an Emirates Islamic Card and enjoy 0% profit rate for 6 months. Not only that, the balance transfer facility comes with one time processing fee of 2%. What more, ease your financial burden by only paying 5% as minimum due every month.

So hurry up, convert your other credit card outstanding balance and save with Emirates Islamic!!


  • 0% profit rate on the transferred balance amount for 6 months
  • One time processing fee of 2%
  • No instalments - just pay 5% of the outstanding balance every month
  • Transfer upto 80% of the available card limit
  • Minimum balance transfer amount AED 1,000

To apply for an Emirates Islamic card and/or Balance Transfer facility please call our 24/7 call center.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emirates Islamic Balance Transfer is a feature which allows you to transfer your outstanding balances from other bank credit cards to Emirates Islamic Card.

Emirates Islamic offers your 0% profit rate for 6 months on all your transferred balance. This means you will not pay any extra amount for 6 months on your transferred balance.

The balance transfer facility if not linked to instalments. It will be treated as a normal transaction whereby you will be requested to pay 5% of the balance every month.

There is a one time processing charge of 2% for balance transfer facility.

There are no documents required. We only need your credit card number of other bank, the bank name and the amount that you wish to transfer.

We will issue a cheque against your Emirates Islamic card limit and it will be deposited as a payment for your other bank credit card.