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A better way to pay

In a world where everything seems to be moving at a fast pace, why use a slow payment process? Get through with your transactions in an instant with Google Pay. Add your Emirates Islamic card to Google Pay and enjoy a quick, and easy option to pay at millions of places, across sites, apps and in stores. Google Pay protects the payment information with several layers of security, providing you with a secure option for storing your card details.

Set up Google Pay

To do this, follow the instructions given below:

Download the Google Pay app from Google Play. Open the app

Select ‘Add credit or debit card’

Enter the required details, or you can also scan your card

Accept the terms and conditions

To verify your card, proceed with the instructions on-screen

Done! You can now start tapping.

For your information:
If you do not have a device screen lock or near field communication set up on your device, you will be prompted to set them up. Google Pay works on Android devices that are running on version Android Lollipop 5.0 or above. Google Pay and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.

For further assistance, click here.

Set your Emirates Islamic Card as the default card

  • Open the Google Pay app
  • In case of multiple Google Accounts: click the top-left corner, select your name, and then click on the account of your choice
  • Double tap your card and then select ‘Set as Default Card’
  • Once your card has been added, tap the card on the home screen.
  • Select the option right below your card, set it as the default, and you’re done!

Now you are ready to make secure payments using Google Pay with Emirates Islamic cards.

View the terms and conditions by clicking here.

Security features

Google Pay safeguards your payment information with multiple layers of security. Google Pay does this by using one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures.

Protecting your information

At its core, Google Pay has strong security protections. These protections continuously and automatically safeguard your account and personal information from threats to its security. Also, while paying in stores, Google Pay shares a virtual account number with the merchant. This virtual account number is given in place of the actual card details, thus ensuring card security.

Visibility of purchases

When a purchase is made through Google Pay, you will receive a notification along with the merchant name and transaction amount.

Peace of mind

On losing your device, the Android Device Manager can be used to lock your device instantly from anywhere. You can also use the Android Device Manager to secure the device with a new password. Another way of protecting your information is to use the Android Device Manager and clear the device of any personal data.

How to Pay

Paying in stores

Google Pay can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted. Google Pay enables you to make payments without opening the app. To do this, you have to simply unlock the phone and hold it near the terminal.

Paying in apps and on the web

With Google Pay, your checkout process becomes faster. Once the card is added, there is no need to enter the payment information again. You simply have to confirm your purchase, and you’re done.

Where is Google Pay accepted

Google Pay can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted.

Google Pay is valid at supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets and across a number of other different locations. Google Pay can be used within some of the most popular apps across Google Play.

Keep a watch out for one of these symbols at the checkout.


Google Pay is a digital wallet service from Google that lets users make mobile payments using Android devices.

Google Pay will be supported by any device that is NFC-enabled and is running on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

All Visa & MasterCard Credit Cards, Visa Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards issued by Emirates Islamic, are eligible to be used on Google Pay.

Google pay automatically makes the credit/debit/prepaid card which is uploaded first, as the default card. The default card can be changed at any time by following the process given below:

On an android phone:

  • Open the Google Pay app
  • Select the account of your choice if you have more than one Google Account, by clicking the top-left corner, clicking your name and then selecting the desired account
  • Double tap on your card and then tap on ‘Set as Default Card’
  • Or drag your card to the ‘Default card’ option at the top of the Google Pay Home screen

On the web:

  • Log in to payments.google.com
  • On the left, select ‘Payment methods’
  • To the right of the card, select ‘Set as Default’.

No. Using Google Pay will not come with any additional charges.

Google Pay can be used wherever a contactless payment symbol is present. While buying in-app items, just keep a watch out for the ‘Buy with Google Pay’ button during checkout.

A. Yes. You can remove your payment card in two ways:

On an android phone:

  • Open the Google Pay app
  • If there are multiple Google Accounts, go to the top-left corner and then select your name. Choose the account from which you want your card to be removed
  • Double tap the card which has to be removed, scroll down and tap on ‘Remove’ card

On the web:

  • Log in to payments.google.com
  • On the left, select ‘Payment methods’
  • Click ‘Remove’ on the right of the card

To return something that was purchased using Google Pay, you will need the store receipt, in the same way as is required for any other ordinary purchase. If you are asked by the merchant to swipe your card, just hold the back of the phone to the contactless payment terminal.

In case of some returns, the last four digits of your virtual account number will have to be provided. The virtual account number can be found on your card details screen in the Google Pay app.

If you have lost your card, please get in touch with the bank on an immediate basis. You can contact the bank on 600 599 995. Your card will get deactivated, and you will be unable to use Google Pay with the deactivated card. After you get a new card that has been issued by us, you will have to register this card again with Google Pay.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, you can lock and erase the phone from anywhere with ‘Find My Device’.

Also, please inform the bank immediately so that you can get quick assistance in blocking and deleting the cards/token set up on your device/Google Pay.

For reasons of security, we may ask you to submit a one-time passcode for confirming your identity. The code will be a unique sequence of numbers and/or alphabets which you will receive through email or text. If prompted, please choose how you would like to get the one-time passcode and then enter it into the respective field.

If you get a replacement card on losing your physical card, the original card will have to be removed from Google Pay, and the new card will have to be registered again.

You can go to support.google.com/pay for additional information.