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Customised services and competitive prices for property purchases. Dream Bigger with Commercial Property Finance.

A business often comes with requirements that call for commercial properties & financing. Getting the right location for your business is a crucial factor, especially if itis a new and emerging business. Emirates Islamic’s Commercial Property Finance solution has been designed to cater to your corporate, industrial, retail or residential property finance needs. You can buy commercial properties (office space, retail space, residential complex, etc.) with finance provided by Emirates Islamic under the principles of Ijara.

The facilities provided, are customised and are designed, to help you make the best of your capital and better manage your cash flows. Emirates Islamic can finance a completed property or let the investment in your property offer you greater financial flexibility via cash release from your completed commercial properties.

Get commercial properties at competitive profit rates, quick pre-approvals and convenient repayment option, with Emirates Islamic’s Commercial Property Finance solution.


  • Finance amount - up to AED 10 million
  • Up to 60% finance
  • Repayment - up to fifteen years
  • Competitive profit rates
  • Easy and quick pre-approvals
  • Completed properties in Dubai, &Abu Dhabi
  • Cash on call


Renting potential

After the purchase, you can rent any additional free-space in the respective property. This will add to your funds and increase the total value of the purchased property.

Long-term benefits

Purchasing a commercial property saves you from rental expenses. This assists greatly in your business expansion needs and in turn the future of your business.

Financial Planning

Opting for Commercial Property Finance solution in UAE comes with repayment options that can last up to years. This gives you, as a business owner, more time to focus on the matters that are important for your business, such as matters related to sales, overheads, and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emirates Islamic can finance your need of buying commercial property, which includes, but is not limited to the following properties:

  • Residential complexes
  • Retail spaces
  • Office spaces

Ijara is an Islamic term for an exchange transaction in Islamic banking and finance, which is similar to a lease. In this exchange/contract, the property is purchased by one party and leased, usually for a fixed period and price.

The concept of Ijara differs from a lease in:

  • Commencement: A lease usually commences on the very next day from the day the amount is paid by the lessor, while in Ijara, the rent is charged after the asset is delivered
  • Ownership: In a lease, a lessor does not bear all the expenses for the asset purchase, while in Ijara, the lessor bears all the costs of the asset purchase and includes them in the asset cost
  • Liability: In a conventional lease, the lessee is responsible for any loss to the asset and will not receive any compensation for the same from the lessor. Under the Ijara principle, although the lessee is considered responsible for any loss due to negligence, losses that arise out of uncontrollable circumstances will not be held against him/her.

Yes. Emirates Islamic’s Commercial Property Finance solution can be used to release cash from your completed properties.

Emirate Islamic offers solutions to all individuals who are having an existing relationship with the bank & attracts individuals to establish a new relationship with the bank for their financing needs being offered with competitive features.