Ethraa Savings Plan

Ethra'a* is a bouquet of Takaful plans designed by Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company - AMAN to enrich your life. They are long-term savings programs with takaful protection (and a defined maturity period). Ethra'a is based on Shariah-compliant principles and is approved by eminent Shariah scholars.

    Ethra'a's plans are designed to allow the participants:
  • To save regularly.
  • To invest with a view of earning returns which are Shariah-compliant.
  • Avail protection with a takaful cover.

Protection against defined mishap with Takaful cover.

  • Complete Peace of Mind: The assurance of a Takaful cover for a period of your choice to protect the ones you care for and yourself
  • Cancer Cover: Coverage of up to AED 300,000 for one of the commonest diseases in the world
  • Accidental Death & Disability: An Additional Takaful benefit of up to AED 300,000 in case of accidental death or disability
  • Children Accident Cover: This additional cover provides Takaful cover up to AED 25,000 (in case of an unfortunate event, death or disability of the child)
  • Travel Cover: For a person who is always on the move, an exclusive travel cover of up to 60 days

Transparency and Trust

On maturity, receive at least a benefit equivalent to the investment value of your units (DPP Strategy)

No Surrender Charges

There are no surrender charges levied should you decide to exit the scheme mid-way

Protecting your Investment

A first of its kind in the Takaful world, Dynamic Principal Protection (DPP) strategy was designed to allow your investment to participate in upward trends in the equity markets whilst offering protection against a downturn.

  • DPP protects your capital investment by offering a flexible, secure and innovative participation in the stock market growth in full compliance with Shariah requirements
  • Your monies are invested at market NAV (Net Asset Value) and redeemed at maturity at the protected DPP price or market NAV, whichever is higher
  • Minimum 100% redemption of invested capital at maturity (minimum plan term 10 years)


  • Choose from Gold, Diamond and Platinum range to suit your requirement.
  • Affordable Contribution limits, minimum AED 500 monthly or AED 6,000 yearly.
  • Option to choose cover amount.

Deferral of Contributions (Holiday)

Without any additional charges, you can avail a holiday up to 12 month from paying your contributions. The Deferral is available after each 18 consecutive paid contribution.

Partial Withdrawals

Without any additional charges, you can avail partial withdrawals from your invested capital anytime.

No Medical Tests

For Takaful cover less than AED 1.55 Million, simply fill a medical questionnaire.

*Ethra'a is provided by Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company (AMAN), Emirates Islamic is only a distributor for this product.