Terms & Conditions Cheque Deposit Transaction

  • All cheques are accepted for credit to the account subject to realisation
  • All items for deposit are accepted by the Bank on the understanding that the depositor assumes full responsibility for the genuineness and correctness of all signature and endorsements appearing thereon
  • The Bank Shall not be responsible for any delay bank the Bank due to reasons beyond its control on onward transmission of the funds to the Utility Company (ies)/ Card Company (ies) which may result in disruption of the utility service and card related transactions. In the event of part payment of the bill, the utility company may use its power to discontinue the utility service on which event the Bank or the Utility Company will not be responsible therefore in any way
  • In case of Post Date Cheque(s), it is implied that Bank has my/our authority to hold the Post Date Cheque(s) in their possession for presentation on due date(s)
  • The Bank is not liable for any alterations occurring in customer's copy
  • All charges, commissions and fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax or any other similar sales tax (VAT). The Customer hereby agrees to pay an amount in respect of any applicable VAT.