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Learn more about your account statement

All about your account statement

Once you have an account with us, you will receive a free monthly e-Statement to your registered email address.

Learn More About Your Account Statement

Your account statement is a summary of all transactions on your account during a billing period. A statement will not be generated if no transactions have been made during the billing period, regardless of the account balance.

For official business or government purposes, you may also request an authenticated stamped statement on bank letterhead.

Request For an Authenticated Statement


Fees and Charges

Paper Statement: AED 26.25 per month inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

e-Statement: Free of charge.

Fees for requesting statements, including authenticated statements, may vary depending on your banking package. Learn more details below:


If you have not received your e-Statement, it may be that you have not made any transactions during your last billing cycle. If this is not the case, check if your email address registered with us has been updated, or if the email has been moved to your junk or spam folder.

If you still need help, please contact our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

e-Statements are free, environmentally friendly, and always available in your registered email address. Most importantly, they are password protected so that no one but you can access them.

For security reasons, we can only send your e-Statements to your registered email address. Learn more about how to update your registered email address.

Please inform us immediately of any discrepancies on your e-Statement by contacting our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 and speaking to one of our customer service representatives.

Your e-Statement is password protected and sent to your registered email address. This is much more secure than a paper statement, which can fall into the hands of anyone.

By default, you will receive a monthly e-Statement for each account to your registered email address.

You need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® version 6.0 or higher. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, please download the free software version 6.0 or higher from the Adobe website.

Yes, it is. In the email you receive, you will find instructions on how to access your e-Statement.