Cancellation of your credit card

How to cancel your credit card

To cancel your credit card, contact our call centre

To cancel your credit card, contact the Emirates Islamic Call Centre

Cancellation of your Credit Card

Before you cancel your primary or supplementary credit card with us, take a look at our range of cards. You may find something that suits your needs better.

If you still want to cancel, you can call us on +971 600 599 995 and follow the instructions. Call from your registered mobile number for the best experience.

What you should do before cancelling your credit card:

  • Redeem all your rewards points so you do not lose them when you cancel your card
  • Foreclose all installment plans on your card, such as Balance Transfers, Easy Payment Plans and Cash on Call
  • Pay all outstanding balances on your card, including any profit that has not been billed on your card statement to avoid charges after cancellation
  • Request a transfer of the excess balance on your card

Once you have requested the cancellation of your card, one of our customer service representatives will contact you within 7 working days to find out the reason for the cancellation of the card and suggest alternatives that meet your needs.


If you cancel a credit card, your card account will be closed and you will have to apply for a new card if you want to get a new primary or supplementary credit card. If, on the other hand, you have a card temporarily blocked, you can unblock it or apply for a replacement card if the card is permanently blocked, e.g. in case of loss or theft.

Please note: If your card has been misplaced or stolen, or if you suspect that a fraudulent transaction has occurred, you should have your card blocked and replaced immediately. Learn how to block and replace your card.