block your card

Block your card

Learn how to block and replace your Card

Learn how to block/unblock your Card temporarily and how to block and replace your Card if it’s lost or stolen.

Temporary or permanent block?

Whether you should block your card temporary and unblock it later, or block and replace your card, depends on the situation. If you can’t find your card, it’s best that you put a temporary block on it immediately until you find it. This will protect your card until you unblock it. If your card is lost or you suspect it has been compromised, you should block it immediately and ask for a replacement.

Blocking your Card will stop the transactions below:

  • Online and in-store shopping
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Contactless payments (Apple Pay, Google pay, Samsung Pay etc.)
  • All Debit Card subscriptions

Blocking your Card will not stop the transactions below:

  • Standing Orders and Direct Debits from your Account
  • Auto Debits to your Credit Card

How to place a block on your Card

To block your Card, choose one of the channels below:


Unblock your Card


You can temporarily or permanently block your Card through our Phone Banking.

Fees and Charges

There are no charges for blocking and unblocking your Cards. However, if you’re replacing your Card, Card Replacement Fees will be applicable based on your Emirates Islamic Banking Package for Debit Cards and on the type of Credit Card being replaced for Credit Cards.

Learn more about our Credit Cards Fees and Charges and Debit Card Fees and Charges.


Yes, you do. If you’re not PIN verified, our Customer Service Representative will direct you to the Card Replacement option, where you will be asked to enter your Registered Mobile Number and PIN for verification. Once verified, your Replacement Card will be processed and delivered to you.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, here’s how you can change your Card PIN.

Yes, you can block your Debit or Credit Card temporarily through the Mobile Banking App. Just select 'Temporary Block' as the reason for blocking the Card. You can also unblock your Card the same way by selecting ‘Unblock this Card’.

If your Debit or Credit Card is temporarily blocked by the Emirates Islamic’s Security Team, you can’t unblock it through the Mobile Banking App. In this case, you’ll need to call our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 to unblock your Card. Or you can reply to the Security Team’s email sent to your registered email address and request to unblock the Card.

The temporary block will remain in place until you unblock your Card, or report it lost or stolen. In the latter case, the Card will be blocked permanently, and you will need to request a replacement card.

When you block your Credit or Debit Card, all transactions, including any subscriptions and recurring payments and orders you may have in place, will be stopped. If it’s a temporary block, once you unblock the Card, the payments will resume and if the Card is replaced, you’ll need to set up the subscriptions and payments again using the new Card number.

No, Direct Debits and Standing Orders from your Account will not be affected.

No, you won’t be able to withdraw cash using a blocked card, but you can always visit your nearest Emirates Islamic branch to withdraw cash. Make sure you are carrying your Passport or Emirates ID and we’ll be happy to help you.

You should immediately log in to the Mobile Banking App and temporarily block the Card. Or you can also contact our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995, and after language selection, select option 1 for Emergency/Card Block.