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If you have a question about your rewards, just contact us

If you have a question about your rewards, just get in touch with us via our Online/Mobile Banking or Call Centre

Does Your Rewards Balance Seem Incorrect?

You may feel that your rewards do not match your spending or that you are not getting the rewards you expected. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, please see if your questions are answered here. If not, please contact us and we will help you.

  • You expected a different number of rewards for a particular spend. Depending on which merchant where the spend was made, you'll receive more or less rewards. This is determined by a code assigned to the merchant
  • You have not yet received rewards for a new spend. Rewards for new spends are awarded once the transaction has been successfully authorised and processed. There may be a delay in updating the rewards balance on your card. Please check again later
  • Your rewards balance does not match the rewards in your membership account. Since transfer of rewards to partner programmes is done in batches, there may be a difference between the current rewards balance on your card and the balance shown in your membership account
  • You have stopped earning rewards. Depending on the rewards programme, each card is assigned a cap on the number of rewards it can earn in a given period. Once the card reaches that threshold, all further spending during that period is no longer eligible for rewards
  • You have lost the rewards you earned. Rewards you have earned for a particular spend may be forfeited if the purchase itself is refunded by the merchant
  • Your rewards have expired. The validity of reward points earned is 24 months from the month they were earned. If this period has exceeded for some of your rewards, they will be reduced from your accumulated rewards balance.


Cashback points you earn with your RTA, Cashback and Cashback Plus Cards can be redeemed as a credit on your credit card against the statement outstanding. Learn more about how to redeem your Cashback points.

EI SmartMiles earned with Flex, Flex Elite, Emarati and Expo Cards can be redeemed for any purchase worldwide through the ‘Instant purchase’ feature.

This is based on your rewards programme. Learn more about our Rewards Programme.

No, you'll not lose your rewards, they'll simply be transferred to your new Emirates Islamic Card.

No, you'll not earn or lose rewards points when you convert to a balance conversion plan.

No, you don’t earn miles or rewards points on a balance transfer amount.