Nol Top Up

Nol Auto Top Up on your credit card

Top up your Nol Card automatically when its balance falls below AED 30 or AED 20 with your Cashback Plus or RTA Credit Cards.

Top up your Nol Card automatically when its balance falls below AED 30 for your Cashback Plus Credit Card and AED 20 for your RTA Credit Card. You can choose to top up for AED 50, AED 100, or AED 200.

Enjoy the convenience of never running out of Nol fare by activating the Nol Auto Top-up feature on your Cashback Plus and RTA Credit Cards.

When you activate the feature, the Nol Tag ID on your Credit Card recharges every time its balance reduces below AED 30 or AED 20. You can choose to recharge for AED 50, AED 100, or AED 200 when you’re activating the feature.

Please note, if you request for the Auto Top-up feature after you receive your Credit Card, your Card will be replaced with a new one. Your Card will be blocked as soon as you place the request, and your new Credit Card will reach you within 3 working days.

Activate, change, or cancel your Nol Top-up plan

The Auto Top-up option recharges the Nol Tag ID from your Credit Limit, so you make sure you have enough credit, or you will incur overlimit charges. All Auto Top-ups from the Card are included in your Monthly Credit Card Statement.

Every time you request, change, or cancel your Auto Top-up plan, a new Card will be issued to you and the existing one will be blocked.


Fees and Charges

There are no fees or charges for the Nol Auto Top-up activation, change, cancellation, or card replacement for the Nol Auto Top-up plan.


The Nol Auto Top-up facility is initiated and completed even if your Credit Card’s available credit limit is insufficient. This will take your Card usage over its assigned limit and incurring Over Limit Charges.
Your Emirates Islamic Credit Card comes with a Nol Tag ID linked to it. The Nol Auto Top-up plan can only be activated for this linked Nol Tag ID.
In case of card replacement, the Nol balance on your existing Credit Card will be transferred to the Nol Tag ID of your new Card within 15 days.
Since Supplementary Credit Cards come with their own unique Nol Tag ID, the Supplementary Cardholders can request to activate the Nol Auto Top-up facility on their Cards. Auto top-up requests on Supplementary Credit Cards are executed using the credit limit assigned to the Supplementary Card.