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Open a minor account

Open a minor account with Emirates Islamic

An Emirates Islamic Minor Account can be opened for a child under 18 years of age

Open a Minor Account

Encourage your children under the age of 18 to manage their savings and spending money by opening a minor account for them.

Required Documents

To open a minor account, the guardian needs to visit one of our branches with these documents:

  • The guardian’s Emirates ID or passport
  • The minor’s Emirates ID or passport
  • A court order if the father is not the guardian
  • If required, any of the following documents: proof of source of income, trade license, salary certificate, title deed and/or utility bill for the last 3 months

Once the account is opened, a debit card will be issued in the name of the guardian & the minor, whichever you prefer.

Fees and Charges

There are no fees to open an Emirates Islamic Minor Account. However, the regular account-related fees and charges as per the Emirates Islamic Banking package apply. Learn more about the fees and charges below:


Individuals aged 18 years and above can convert their minor account to a standard individual account by visiting the nearest Emirates Islamic branch and presenting their passport or Emirates ID for identification.

There is no minimum age for opening an account for minors.

There is no minimum balance or deposit required to open an account for minors.