Clearance Letter request

Request a Clearance Letter easily via Call Centre or by visiting any branch

Clearance Letter is a legal document issued by the Bank stating that you have paid off all outstanding dues with the Bank with reference to a Finance or Credit Card. Learn more about Liability/No Liability Letters.

Request a Clearance Letter

For credit cards, you can apply for a Clearance Letter only 30 days after you have cancelled your Card or paid all outstanding dues. For finance, you can apply for a Clearance Letter as soon as you clear the Finance Amount.



What’s Next

Your request will be processed within 4 working days, and you will receive an SMS on your registered Mobile Number once your letter is ready to be collected.

Visit the tagged Emirates Islamic branch with your Emirates ID or Passport for identification to collect the letter.

Fees and Charges

Learn more about Clearance Letter charges for Credit Cards and Finance.


A Clearance Letter is issued to clear you of one liability. If you have multiple liabilities with the Bank, you can request for Clearance Letters as you pay off each of the liabilities. A No Liability Letter declares you have no liabilities at all with the Bank.
Self-addressed letters can be issued based on your request. Letters can also be addressed to a third party such as a government entity, service provider or a financial institution. (Subject to Emirates Islamic's policy)
You could need this letter for several reasons. You might be taking a finance, applying for a new credit card and the bank has requested it, or you may be moving to another country from the UAE and Immigration authorities might need to see it.