Tap to pay with Visa Contactless Payments

Pay on the go with your Emirates Islamic Card

Use your card, phone, or smartwatch to make quick and secure contactless payments

Use your Emirates Islamic Card, phone, or smartwatch to make quick and secure contactless payments.

What are contactless payments?

Contactless payments are transactions made by touching a contactless-enabled payment terminal with your Emirates Islamic Card, phone or connected accessories such as watches or rings.

Why go contactless?

Convenient - Contactless payments aren't limited to cards. The NFC technology in contactless readers can interact with phones and connected accessories such as watches or rings.

Simply unlock your phone or use your Emirates Islamic Credit or Debit card and tap seamlessly.

Secure - Emirates Islamic ensures a high level of security for your transactions as we’ve done for years. The inbuilt protection ensures that the same transaction isn’t accidentally made twice, and if intercepted, the details and numbers linked to the card cannot be decrypted as unique numbers are used for transactions that don't match the card numbers.

Fast - Enjoy less processing steps and cash usage. Your transactions are processed faster because PINs are no longer required. It works twice as fast as normal cards within 15 seconds.

Contactless Payment Ways

There are many ways to do your contactless payments:

Apple Pay - is a simple and secure way to pay in store and in apps with your compatible iPhone and Apple Watch. Know how to pay using Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay - Now, there is an easy, fast, and secure way to pay for Samsung phone and Samsung Gear users. Tap your phone to make your shopping more convenient and secure. Know how to pay using Samsung Pay.

Google Pay - Add your Emirates Islamic Card to Google Pay for fast and easy transaction. Google Pay works everywhere contactless payments are accepted. Know how to pay using Google Pay.

Visa Tap to Pay - Our cards come with the contactless technology. Simply wave your Emirates Islamic Visa Debit/Credit Card over the contactless card reader without the need to swipe your card or enter your PIN for any transaction up to AED 500 anywhere you see the contactless symbol .


You need to make a Chip & PIN transaction on your first use before you can pay for the first time with Tap to pay.


Tap to pay uses short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a contactless card or payment-enabled device and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal. When you tap your card or device near the contactless symbol, your payment is sent for authorisation.

Yes. Here’s why:

  • Just like with a chip card, each transaction generates a one-time code
  • You can’t pay accidentally—your card or device must be within 2-5 centimeters of the terminal for the sale to take place register. And you won’t be billed twice, even if you accidentally tap twice
  • Tapping to pay with your Visa contactless card or payment-enabled device helps you avoid touching surfaces at checkout
  • Visa Contactless Chip Cards

All Emirates Islamic Cards have the contactless feature where you do not have to swipe your card and insert the PIN. Just tap the card at the POS terminal and your payment is complete!

  • Devices

Don’t have your card with you? You can still tap to pay by enrolling your card into your payment-enabled phone or wearable device such as Apply pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout terminals. Tap to pay is available at thousands of your favorite places in the UAE like fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, vending machines and more.