Transfer to a local bank account

Transfer to a local bank account

Send money to a local bank account

Easy Local Transfers

Transfer money easily from your accounts within the UAE by using your beneficiary account details. You may also need a routing code in some cases.

If you’re transferring to someone not on your list of beneficiaries, you can always add them as a new beneficiary first and then make the transfer. This will make transferring to this beneficiary easier in future. Or just use the account number you’re transferring to if it’s a one-time transfer.

Set up Standing Instructions

If you transfer money regularly, set up recurring transfers with the Bank so you don’t have to think about it again. You can change the instructions any time you like. Learn more about how to set up Standing Instructions.

Transfer Money Now

To make a transfer, choose one of the channels below:



Processing Time

Once you place a transfer request, we process and send it over to your recipient’s bank. The bank then credits your recipient’s account with the money you have transferred. The time at which your transfer is processed will depend on when you’ve placed your request.

  • If you place the request through Online/Mobile Banking before 2 pm (for other currencies) and before 5 pm (for AED), Monday to Saturday, it will be processed the same day
  • If you place the request through the branch before 12:30 pm (for AED) and before 2:30 pm (for other currencies), Monday to Saturday, it will be processed the same day

Requests received after these times are processed the next working day subject to the availability of balance and accuracy of details.

 Once we start processing your transfer, the transferred amount should be credited to the beneficiary approximately within 1 working day.

Fees and Charges

If you use Online/Mobile Banking, charges will be AED 1.05 (inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)).

If you visit a branch to make your transfer, charges will be applied based on your Banking Package.

Additional charges may apply based on the other bank involved.

Learn more details about your Banking Package Fees and Charges below:


While initiating an account-to-account transfer online, you have an option to set the transaction as Standing Instruction. You have an option to select frequency (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly), and date to complete the Standing Instruction. Learn more about how to Set up Standing Instructions.

You can place a request to stop or cancel a transfer by contacting our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995. Any exchange rate losses will be charged to you. Please keep in mind that most transfers can’t be recalled, but we’ll do our best to help you.

If you’re placing a transfer to an Emirates Islamic or Emirates NBD account through Online Banking or Mobile Banking, the amount you can transfer will depend on your Banking Package and Transaction Limit. To transfer an amount that exceeds your Online Banking/Mobile Banking daily limits, please visit your nearest Emirates Islamic branch.

There is no limit to number of transfers you can do in a month.