Purchasing Corporate Credit Card Purchasing Corporate Credit Card

Emirates Islamic Bank’s Purchasing Corporate Credit Card is focused on facilitating Business to Business and Business to Government (B2G) payments

Purchasing Corporate Credit Card solution offers

Wide acceptance

These cards can be used across the globe for retail and online purchases including all government payments, through physical POS transactions or online transactions on government websites/mobile applications.

Online and Mobile Banking platforms

The central coordinator (Cardholder) will get access to Emirates Islamic Online and Mobile Banking platforms and can make online payments using the Purchasing Corporate Credit Card. This provides utmost convenience where government utility and other payments can happen quickly and on time without any delays.

Payment convenience

100% auto debit through Emirates Islamic Corporate Account, avoiding you the hassle of missing the monthly card outstanding payment due date.

Control & security mechanism

SMS alerts
The central coordinator (Cardholder) of the Company will receive SMS alerts for all point of sale and online banking transactions.

Reporting tools
State-of-the-art online reporting tool through Mastercard’s SDG2 platform with the flexibility to integrate with the majority of the existing ERP systems.

Other benefits

  • Free-for-Life Card
  • Up to 55 days of Profit Free Credit period thereby supplementing your working capital requirements

Online Smart Data solutions

Emirates Islamic Corporate Card solution offers electronic data reporting through Mastercard Smart Data Generation 2 (SDG2) to drive efficiency and oversight.

SDG2 is a revolutionary web-based reporting solution for expense and information management. It helps you turn data into business intelligence with customizable templates, HTML previews, advanced filtering options, report categorization, and the ability to create and export reports in a variety of formats.

Corporate Liability Waiver

When extending cards to employees it is important to ensure you feel comfort regarding the spend that can take place therefore all Emirates Islamic Corporate Credit Card’s comes with Corporate Liability Waiver protection.

In the case of an incident, Corporate Liability Waiver protection will protect the company against unauthorized use of the card by its employees, up to a maximum annual amount of $25,000 per Cardholder and $1,600,000 per Company.

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