Online Banking Online Banking

Key Benefits

Secure and reliable

Secure and reliable

Online Banking is a secure way to manage your money online.

Smartphone, Desktop and tablet

Smartphone, Desktop and tablet

Use online banking app on your mobile, desktop or tablet.

Hassle Free payments

Hassle Free payments

Make Etisalat and Du payments quickly with our online banking’s shorter, simpler and more effective process.

Free to register

Free to register

Registering for Online Banking is free.


You don’t need to restrict your banking to the basic banking hours. We understand that the need to make payments or view your bank account can arise whenever, especially for those who travel a lot. Hence Internet banking with us brings you an array of benefits to meet your banking needs. Main features of Online Banking are:

Easier Access

We want you to spend time banking and not figuring out options. That’s why our menus and icons are simplified and user-friendly, so you can access your account and other features with ease.

Simpler Viewing

There’s no need to look all over the place for the information you need. Our updated net banking gives you a consolidated view of all your accounts, finances and cards at a single glance.

Quick and Easy Self-opening Account

Get more out of e-banking with Emirates Islamic. Our e-Savings account offers higher expected profits than a regular savings account.

24-hour waiting period

A new safety feature added to protect your account against online frauds. To know more, click here

Smarter Navigation

For a quicker access to the most used features like payments, transfers and more, we bring you quick links. Enjoy smarter navigation for a better internet banking experience.

Latest Promotion

Stay updated with the latest offers and promotions curated to fit your needs. You can browse through them, choose favourites and enjoy the best in online banking.

Smart Pass

Enjoy the new secure and convenient way of authorising online banking transactions without the need of waiting for the SMS Authentication Code. To know more, click here


Welcome to convenience in banking. Emirates Islamic Online Banking offers you the comfort of banking at any time, from anywhere in the world. Conveniently manage your payments, finances and keep an eye on your account whenever you please. Our internet banking service is free and available to you 24/7. You can access our range of services and enjoy online banking features without any worries as our net banking service is highly secure and reliable.

Compatible with your laptop, tablet and mobile devices, our e-banking facility is a part of your digital experience, offering you state-of-the-art services and the best types of online banking features.

Services Available

  • View details on Accounts and Credit Cards.
  • Check Account and Card statements along with Balance Inquiries.
  • Transfer funds between Accounts locally and internationally.
  • Make bill payments from your Account or Credit Card (including DEWA, ADDC, du and Etisalat and many more).
  • Make cheque book requests.
  • View information on Products, Foreign Currency and Investment Deposit Rate inquiry.
  • Request for Demand Draft, Manager's Cheque and Telegraphic Transfers
  • Online self-registration.
  • Standing Order for Payments.
  • Auto recharge for Payments.
  • Online Savings Account Opening.
  • Address change.
  • Travel Request.

Security Tips

Safeguarding your information is a shared responsibility

Emirates Islamic takes online fraud very seriously. To make your banking experience a safe one, we have invested highly in state-of-the-art encryption technology and sophisticated firewalls. They provide the utmost protection at every step of your online banking journey, keeping your banking a private affair. We are using the best possible methods in our fight against online fraudsters and scam artists. However, we still urge you to be vigilant and take simple precautions mentioned above to protect yourself and your finances.

Click here to learn more.


What you need to register

To register for Online Banking you will need:
  • Account Number
  • Debit Card Number
Only have a credit card? You can use:
  • Credit Card Number
  • Date of birth

How to Register/Activate.

Accessing your Emirates Islamic Online Banking is easy

There are two ways to register for online banking.


  • Click here
  • Select Self Registration to register with account details

If you already have a username, activate your account:

  • Click here
  • Select Activate Online Banking to register with username, OTP and reference number.

Call 600 599 995 or visit your nearest branch for more assistance. Ensure that you take steps to protect your own information when using Online Banking.

Fees and Charges

There are no charges to sign up for online banking. For more details on Emirates Islamic fees and charges please click here to view schedule of charges.

Useful Videos

More Useful Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Emirates Islamic website, click on ‘Online Banking’, then click on ‘Registration for Online Banking’ and follow the instructions.You can also call 600 599 995 or visit your nearest Emirates Islamic branch.

Our internet banking facility allows you to request a series of services.

  • Setting of standing orders
  • Ordering Managers Cheque, Demand Draft and Cheque Book
  • Subscribing to SMS banking and e-statement
  • Travel request
  • Apply for products

You cannot do this if you have a joint, minor or non-resident Emirates Islamic account.
In addition, you will not be able to link accounts if you have a joint, minor or non-resident Emirates Islamic account.

The latest version of Internet Explorer (7.0 and higher).

You can call our Phone Banking on 600 599 995 (within the United Arab Emirates). Alternatively, you can contact us by clicking here.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure that you are inputting the correct USER ID. If not, try to login again with your correct user ID.
  • If the user ID is correct, and you have forgotten your password, go to 'Forgot Password' function and change your password.

There are two reasons for which you might get this message:

  • Either, you might not be eligible for that particular function as your Emirates Islamic account is joint, minor, and non-resident or you are a sub-user.
  • Or you might have not activated the particular function, which you can do by clicking on "Services" under the "Access Management" Tab.

Yes, you can print your account balance and statement.

You can visit our login page and choose the "Forgot User ID" or "Forgot Password" options and follow the easy steps

Here’s how you can change your password online:

  • Log in to Emirates Islamic
  • Choose “Manage Settings” from the left menu
  • Choose "Change Password" option
  • Type the old password
  • Type the new password
  • To confirm, re-enter the new password
  • Press on the "Confirm"
  • A confirmation message will be displayed indicating that your password has been changed

Keep in mind:

  • The password is case sensitive
  • The password cannot be less than 8 and more than 14 characters
  • The password cannot be same as the user ID
  • It is always preferable to use an alphanumeric password
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Choose a password that only you can know and no one can guess
  • Please note: If you have forgotten the password, the Bank will not be able to give you the same password. The bank keeps no record of customer passwords.

Please Note:
Always try and use an Alphanumeric password, which is easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.

All customers are requested to change the password as frequently as possible. The Change Password function is a free service and there is not limit on the number of times you can use this function.

These secret questions are an additional security layer to secure your online banking experience with Emirates Islamic. You will need the answers to these questions later on within Emirates Islamic to access the functions within your "Profile Information". Hence, it is mandatory that you need to remember the answers to these secret questions. When creating these questions, you will be presented with a list in a drop down box and you will be allowed to choose any three secret questions from the list.

You can visit our login page and choose the "Forgot Password" option, in which you can choose your secret questions again.

If you are unable to resolve your net banking sign-in issue, please call 600 599995.

Emirates Islamic uses a 128-bit encryption level.

Whenever you access Emirates Islamic online banking, look for a lock at the bottom right side of the screen. This lock is an indication that you are on a secure site.

Here’s how you can change your Username:

  • Login to Emirates Islamic
  • Choose "Manage Settings" from the left menu
  • Choose "Change Username" option
  • Answer the secret questions
  • Enter the new username
  • Type the old password
  • Type the new password
  • To confirm, re-enter the new password
  • Press on the "Confirm"
  • Enter the new password and secret questions
  • Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number
  • You will be logged out of online banking, login using the new username

Please Note:

  • Username should be in English only without any special character
  • Username should be between 6 to 12 characters
  • Once the username is successfully changed, you will need to enable login via Touch ID to your mobile again

Use the "Forgot Password" function on the Login page to reset your online banking password.

In case you suspect that your password is known to someone else, change it immediately. Please remember that when you change your password, avoid using any recently used passwords.

Both, the password and secret question are encrypted. Nobody can know them unless you have shared it with someone.

This is an authorization method used during transactions to ensure a higher level of security and convenience for Online & Mobile Banking transactions.
It is a new level of security where a user does not need to wait for SMS Authentication Codes.
Online transactions can be authorized with a Smart Pass PIN which is defined by the user during the Smart Pass activation process.

To start using Smart Pass you need to do the following:

  • Open Emirates Islamic Mobile Banking App
  • Go to the Smart Pass menu
  • Follow the instructions
  • Activate Smart Pass on your mobile device

There are no charges for using Smart Pass. However, you will be charged a data fee by your operator based on your data usage and for activation of Smart Pass.

Smart Pass and SMS authentication code don’t work together. Once you activate Smart Pass, you will be authorising your transactions with the Smart Pass PIN. To use SMS authentication you will need to deactivate Smart Pass.

You will need to reactivate your Smart Pass.

  • Open your Emirates Islamic Mobile Banking App
  • Select Smart Pass menu
  • Select Forgot PIN/Re-activate

You can deactivate your Smart Pass through the Emirates Islamic Mobile Banking App, Online Banking or Phone Banking.

To deactivate through Mobile Banking App, you need to select Smart Pass Menu, enter your Smart Pass PIN and select Deactivation.

To deactivate through Online Banking, you need to log into Online Banking, select Smart Pass menu and select Deactivation. Enter the Smart Pass token generated by entering your Smart Pass PIN on your mobile device, and then type it on the Online Banking screen.

Deactivate your Smart Pass through Emirates Islamic Phone Banking. Call 600 599 995 and connect to an agent for deactivation.

Activate Smart Pass on your new device and it will be deactivated on your old device.

Smart Pass can be activated on only one mobile device or tablet.