cash not dispensed from atm

Cash not dispensed at ATM

If your money is partially dispensed or doesn’t dispense at all from an ATM, here’s what you should do

Cash not dispensed at the ATM

If your money is partially dispensed or doesn’t dispense at all from an ATM, here’s what you should do:

  • Note the ATM machine ID, your Account or Card number, Transaction Date and Time, Transaction Reference Number, Transaction Amount, Claim Amount and Exact Location of the machine.
  • Call us on +971 600 599 995

Please refer to the table below to know more about the duration required to get back to you.

Card Type

Machine Used/Location

Time required

Debit Card

Emirates Islamic/Emirates NBD ATM

7 working days

Another bank’s ATM in the UAE

31 working days

ATM in the GCC

92 working days

ATM outside the UAE, other than the GCC

119 working days

Credit Card

Emirates Islamic/Emirates NBD ATM

9 working days

Another bank’s ATM in the UAE

120 working days

ATM outside the UAE

120 working days


Your Debit or Credit Card can get stuck in the ATM for several reasons. It is important that you inform the Bank immediately by calling our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995. It’s best to block the Card to prevent misuse.

The Card will be retrieved by the vendor servicing the machine and sent back to the bank operating the ATM. If it’s not an Emirates Islamic ATM, the operating bank will send the Card to us. You can call us to have the Card replaced free of cost. Your new Card will have a new number and PIN.

Possible reasons your Card can get stuck in the ATM:

  • You have entered the wrong PIN three times
  • The Card is blocked
  • Machine Failure

TIP: If you need time before proceeding after you’ve inserted your Card in the ATM, press ‘Cancel’ and retrieve your Card. The delays could cause the Card to be captured by the machine.

If your Card is not working, depending on what the problem is, you could fix it right away, or you might have to use another card or payment method until you do. It’s always a good idea to have a second credit card or a debit card as a back-up. If your Card is not working, or is declined, it can be due to one of the following reasons:

Your Card is expired - Check the expiry date. We usually notify you when your Card expires and send you a new one at least a week before the old one expires.

Fraud on your Card - If your Card is compromised, the Bank will know before you do and will temporarily block your Card and call you to let you know. While this is an inconvenience, it’s a small one to save you from fraud. Emirates Islamic’s top-notch Security Team works round the clock to protect you.

Your Card is damaged - The chip in your Card may have been damaged, or the Card itself could be a bit worn from overuse leading to errors in the paying machine.

Online decline - Check that you put in the correct Card information – Name, Expiry Date, CVV Code and Address.

For all the above reasons the solution is to contact our 24-hour Call Centre on+971 600 599 995 immediately and we will guide you to the corrective action.

Other reasons may be:

Your Card is not activated - You got your new Card and didn’t activate it. Here’s how you can activate your Card in a few simple steps. Or you might have temporarily blocked your Card. Learn how to unblock your Card

You don’t have enough credit - Always be aware of your available credit, it’s just good practice. The quickest way to check your available balance on your Credit Card and Account is through the Emirates Islamic Mobile App. You can also log in to your Account through our Online Banking.

You have made a non-Shariah compliant transaction, or the merchant is restricted - Your may only use your Card for Shariah compliant transactions and with authorized merchants.

Issues with the merchant or payment processor - This has nothing to do with your Card. It’s a technical issue with the merchant’s system. Just try again later. Or try another store.

Issue with the ATM - The ATM could be short of cash or in disrepair. Try another ATM.

You have entered wrong PIN - If you’re not sure you have the right PIN, change your PIN through our Mobile Banking App, or at any of our ATMs or contact our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995.

You have exceeded your daily limit or monthly limit on your Debit Card - Learn more about your Debit Card limits and how to manage your finances better.

Travelling abroad – While you don’t have to inform the Bank if you’re travelling outside the UAE, we advise you to keep your registered mobile number active even when you travel abroad so you can receive SMS alerts for every transaction on your Card. We'll contact you if we detect unusual activity. If you keep your mobile phone with you, you'll be able to confirm genuine transactions as soon as we contact you. You can also place a Travel Request through Online Banking, Mobile Banking or by contacting our 24-hour Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 to avoid fraud and card blocking while traveling.