Make an international transfer

Make money transfers with online/mobile banking

Emirates Islamic’s international money transfers are quick and easy via our Online/Mobile Banking.

Make an International Money Transfer

Transfer money abroad easily with our International Money Transfer facility. Your money will be transferred to your recipient within 7 working days.

Make sure you have the following information before making a transfer:

  • Details of your current home address
  • Sufficient funds in your account
  • Routing code (if applicable)
  • Details of your beneficiary account

Learn how to Add a Transfer Beneficiary.

Please note: when you add a new beneficiary, you need to wait 24 hours before making a transfer.


Use the Emirates Islamic’s innovative QuickRemit feature to transfer money instantly to any bank account in India or Pakistan for free.

Learn more about QuickRemit to India.

Learn more about QuickRemit to Pakistan.

Set up Standing Instructions

If you transfer money regularly, you should set up recurring transfers with the Bank, so you don’t have to think about it. You can change the instructions at any time.

Transfer Money Now

To make a transfer, choose one of the channels below:


What’s Next?

Once you place a Transfer Request, we process and send it over to your recipient’s bank. The bank then credits your recipient’s account with the money you have transferred. The time at which your transfer is processed will depend on when you’ve placed your request.

  • If you place the request through Online/Mobile Banking before 2:00 pm (Monday to Friday), it will be processed the same day
  • If you place the request through the branch before 2:30 pm (Monday to Friday), it will be processed the same day

Requests received after these times are processed the next working day subject to the availability of balance and accuracy of details.

Once we start processing your transfer, the transferred amount should be credited to the beneficiary approximately within 7 working days.

Click here to get help with your international transfer in case your beneficiary has not yet received your transfer or has received a lower amount than expected.

Fees and Charges

International Transfers are free of charge via Online Banking and Mobile Banking*. However, additional charges may apply based on the other bank involved.

If you visit a branch to make your transfer, charges will be applied depending on your banking package. Again, additional charges may apply based on the other bank involved.

Learn more details about the fees and charges of your banking package below:


This depends on your Banking Package and transaction limit.

You have the option to choose who pays the charges including Emirates Islamic transfer charges, correspondent, and beneficiary bank charges. You can opt to pay all charges, share the charges with the beneficiary (receiver) or ask the beneficiary to pay.

  • If you select the ‘BEN’, the beneficiary will be liable to pay all charges. In this case, the amount will be deducted from the amount being remitted.
  • If you select ‘SHA’, charges will be shared by both the sender and the beneficiary.
  • If you select ‘OUR’, you (the sender) will pay all charges and the recipient receives the entire amount, except in countries that don’t have a charge-back system such as the USA.
Special rates are subject to a minimum transfer amount of USD/AED 500,000. For other currencies, the minimum amount is AED 20,000.

You are required to ensure accuracy of details provided prior to submitting the transfer request. If you would like to stop or cancel any transfer sent, you can contact the Emirates Islamic Call Centre on +971 600 599 995 to raise the cancelation request. Exchange loss amount, if any, shall be levied in such cases.

Yes, you can place Standing Instructions to execute future dated, recurring transfers.