Replace your Emirates Islamic Card

Replace your Emirates Islamic Card

You can request a replacement of your credit or debit card.

You can request a replacement of your Emirates Islamic Credit/Debit Card easily through available channels.

Replace your Card

You can request for a replacement debit or credit card if your card is damaged, not working or has been captured by an ATM, and we’ll send you a new one immediately.

  • If your card has expired, a replacement card will automatically be issued.
  • If you’ve reported your credit or debit card lost/stolen or compromised, you’ll need to request a new one as the bank will block the old one permanently
  • If you have not collected your card from the courier within 39 days, the card will be returned to us, and you’ll need to request a new one

Tip: Always validate yourself using your PIN so your call goes through swiftly.

What’s Next?

Your request will be processed, and your replacement card will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 working days.

Important Notes:

  • If you have a Mobile Wallet like Apple Pay etc., you’ll need to disable the old card and add your new card once received
    • You must present the following documents to have the card delivered by the courier:
    • UAE Residents: Valid original/digital Emirates ID OR Both EIDA renewal application + Original Passport
    • Non-Residents: Original Passport
    • Marsoom Holder: Marsoom Letter Copy + Original Passport
  • Card will be kept with courier for 39 days if customer is not reachable, after that the card will be returned to the bank and destroyed
  • Account should be funded to cover the debit card replacement fee.
  • Credit card must have available limit to cover the credit card replacement fee to avoid being charged an overlimit fee
  • Renewal debit card is issued 90 days before the card expiry date and renewal credit card is issued 60 days before the card expiry date

How to Request a Replacement Card

You can place a request for a replacement card through one of the channels below:


Fees and Charges

if you’re replacing your card, card replacement fees will be applicable based on your Banking Package for Debit Cards and on the type of Credit Card being replaced for Credit Cards.

Learn more about our Credit Cards Fees and Charges and Debit Card Fees and Charges.


When requesting for a card replacement through Phone Banking, if you’re not PIN verified, our Customer Service Representative will direct you to the card replacement option, where you will be asked to enter your registered mobile number and PIN for verification. Once verified, your replacement card will be processed and delivered to you.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, here’s how you can reset your card PIN

If your card is due to expire in 6 months, you can place a request to have it renewed early free of cost.