Request a bank letter

Request a bank letter

Learn more about the different types of letters the bank can issue

You can request letters by visiting one of Emirates Islamic’s branches or by contacting our call centre

Type of Letters

Emirates Islamic provides various official documents that can be requested for different purposes. We ensure that all information on these documents is accurate and up to date. You can request these documents at any of our branches or through our call centre. Some of these documents are:

Other documents that can be requested at our branches:

  • Balance Confirmation Letter for Retiree Visa
  • Balance Confirmation Letter for Golden Visa
  • Cheque Return Advice
  • Letter for Non Closure of Account (with 4 or more cheques returns)
  • Release letter – Vehicle Murabaha
  • Vehicle Temporary Release Letter
  • Balance/Audit Confirmation Letter (Equivalent in FCY)
  • Request for Change of Number Plate
  • Request for Change of Owner Name
  • Vehicle Murabaha Details for Insurance Company
  • Authorised Signatory Confirmation
  • Cheque Returns Notification Letter
  • Account Closure Notification Letter
  • Account Closure Letter

Fees and Charges

The fees and charges are determined by the type of letter and the banking package you hold. learn more details below:


A clearance letter is issued by the Bank confirming that you have paid all outstanding dues to the Bank with reference to a finance or a credit card. A no liability letter declares you have no liabilities at all with the Bank.

Learn more about Clearance Letter and Liability Letter.