Bank smart with the Emirates Islamic smartBUSINESS e-banking solution. This secure online banking web service is particularly designed for the banking needs of corporate clients by enabling them to manage their payments and reporting needs. It allows clients to conduct transactions like local and international transfers and payments with the click of a button.

  • International and local Telegraphic Transfers
  • Payments to vendors, salary payments and payroll solutions
  • Download swift copies of online outward payments
  • Request for Cheque Books, Demand Draft or Managers Cheque
  • View Account Statements and Comprehensive Account Summary
  • View and Download Account information in real time
  • Utility Bill payments
  • UAE GPSSA pension payments
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dedicated customer support

Features & Benefits

smartBUSINESS facilitates Businesses, Corporate & Institutional Clients to perform financial & non-financial transactions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their convenience. Enables Businesses to enhance their productivity & efficiency by electronically initiating and authorizing transactions as well as viewing account statement and reports from their desktop.


Business banking is available to clients through the internet. They can access transactions from anywhere in the world, whenever. All they need is a web-enabled PC.


smartBUSINESS gives the ability to perform a basket of transactions, thereby increasing productivity and saving time. Clients can make a multitude of transactions in few simple clicks.

  • Enjoy real-time account balance and transaction reporting be it checking account statement, comprehensive Account Summary or MT940 downloads.
  • Bulk file payments so clients can streamline their payment process.
  • Clients get online transaction advice and transaction histories for efficient handling of vendor queries.
  • Discounted transaction fees compared to over the counter transactions.


For clients with businesses that comprise of a high level or fast rate of transactions, our e-banking portal provides the choice of making online consolidated debits in a transaction with multiple credits, thereby simplifying account reconciliation.

Email notification

Clients can simply continue with their daily routine and the portal will notify them about payments via auto email notification of payment to the vendor or employee. No need to trace transactions.

Customised exchange rates

Customisable exchange rates can be verified online before execution of transactions, making international transactions for clients even simpler.

Authorisation tracker

The smartBUSINESS authorisation tracker makes the authorisation process transparent and traceable to avoid setbacks and hassles.


  • Clients can keep their business expenses in check and make payments to Corporate Credit Cards from where ever, whenever
  • They can initiate Salary to local and international employee accounts with any bank and through Salary WPS.
  • Clients can also make payments to local and international beneficiaries
  • Make payments towards Utility services like DEWA & Salik and Telecom payments to Etisalat & Du


Initiate online transfers using our simple-to-use interface and a suite of online fund transfer options. Make payments to Own Account and Third Party accounts and Vendor accounts with smartBUSINESS.


smartBUSINESS provides clients with an online remittance service so they can conveniently make payments, initiate International and Local Telegraphic Transfers and Demand Drafts. Clients can also make Third party payments in the UAE through Manager's Cheques.


smartBUSINESS allows clients to Order Cheque Books, and request Balance Confirmation on select accounts.


  • View Account Statements and Comprehensive Account Summary.
  • Download Account information in real time.
  • View historic account information.

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Additional Benefits

Clients can enjoy a shorter payment processing time compared to manual payments as online payments are done with straight through processing (STP).

Flexible user setups with capability to restrict user access by, products (WPS only), accounts, function (transaction initiation, approval or enquiry) and transaction amounts.

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Security & Control

The ease of conducting financial transactions securely is probably one of the biggest benefits to any business. That's why smartBUSINESS offers comprehensive security and control features that use a state-of-the-art technology making the online access secure yet simple to use.

For Emirate Islamic, security is high priority. We take every measure possible to make sure our clients' accounts and transactions are kept secure and protected with top-of-the-line security measures.

  • smartBUSINESS access security is controlled through Subscriber ID, User ID and User Password.
  • Setup of authorization and access profiles can be single/dual controlled.
  • Authorization and access profiles can be setup such that only nominated users access the system on the basis of products, functions, accounts and amounts.
  • Transaction submission and authorizations are secured through the use of personalized password.
  • Transactions that are released to the bank for processing use SMS PIN / Token authentication that is unique and simple to use.
  • System Security enhanced through firewalls and 2040 bit Data encryption
  • Unique SMS PIN / Token authentication for administration module.

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System Requirements

In order for smartBUSINESS to run smoothly clients need to be equipped with certain hardware.

To access smartBUSINESS we recommend these Hardware Requirements:

Processor Speed 500 Mhz or Higher
RAM 64 MB or higher
Communication Internet Connection through ISDN or ADSL
Operating System Windows NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP (English Versions)
Browser Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher / Firefox 3.5.5 or higher / Safari 3.2.3 or higher
Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 resolution

Note: It is recommended that you have all the latest security updates from Microsoft windows site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a web-based offering that takes e-banking for business to the pinnacle of comfort and flexibility. It enables corporate clients to perform their business transactions conveniently. With access to smartBUSINESS clients will never have to face the issue of time constraints for financial and non-financial transactions. It is at their disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In order to apply for smartBUSINESS, you need to be a corporate banking client. Which means you should either a person or have a business that holds an expense account that pays a vendor for services or products rendered.

Simply click on the link below and it will guide you through the quick process for filling the smartBUSINESS form.
Click here

Especially for business, e-banking makes the process of financial transactions quick saving a lot of time. Portals like smartBUSINESS are thought of to provide corporate clients with absolute convenience. With e-banking you can conduct national and international transactions with a simple click of a button. It provides ease and flexibility, making processes hassle free.

smartBUSINESS is an e-banking service which has no subscription or usage fees. However, there are certain transaction and service charges. To know more click on the link below:

Click here

smartBUSINESS is ideal for all payroll requirements.

It enables clients to enhance business productivity & efficiency by electronically initiating and authorizing transactions as well as viewing account statement and reports from a desktop.

Clients can initiate salary to local and international employee accounts with any bank. You can also initiate salary through Salary WPS.

Businesses come with many financial needs and the ease of conducting financial transactions securely is probably one of the biggest benefits to any business. smartBUSINESS offers business finance solutions with comprehensive security and control features that use a state-of-the-art technology making the online access secure yet simple to use.

A business account gives access to e-banking services like smartBUSINESS. This makes the transaction process a convenient one.

It provides 24x7 online access, which helps clients, make quick and easy payments to national and international beneficiaries, get historical data real-time, access trade portal and much more.

It is one portal that provides payroll and other business finance solutions and is secured by enhanced firewalls.

If you are a corporate banking client of Emirates Islamic you can get access to the smartBUSINESS portal through which you can order your cheque book easily.

smartBUSINESS helps organize payments to vendors which makes it more efficient to pay local and international beneficiaries. Clients can access transaction history and are also provided with online transaction advice to effectively handle vendor queries.

Clients can also manage utility payments towards services like DEWA & Salik and Telecom payments to Etisalat & Du, hassle-free.