Receiving a transfer or payment

Receiving a transfer or payment

Receive transfers and payments into your Emirates Islamic Account from local or international accounts

Receiving a Transfer or Payment

You can receive transfers into your Emirates Islamic Account from other local AED or foreign currency accounts, or even from abroad in foreign currencies.

If you’re receiving funds in a foreign currency, you can ask the sender to remit funds either in their currency or in AED depending on the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Funds received in a currency different from your Account currency will be credited at our exchange rates. While Emirates Islamic offers the most competitive exchange rates, you might want to check the current rate before deciding what currency to receive your transfer in.

Things you should know

  • Transfers to Emirates Islamic Accounts are free.
  • Automatic credit to your Savings or Current Account.
  • You will receive an SMS alert when the amount is credited to your Account

Haven’t received your transfer?

The time it takes for your transfer to come through depends on:

  • The sender bank’s location and time they require to process a transfer
  • The currency of the transfer
  • The time the transfer reaches Emirates Islamic

Most banks usually process local transfers within 2 working days and international transfers within 4 working days.

In case you haven't received the transfer you have been expecting, you should first check with the sender whether they have used the correct account details and whether their bank has successfully processed the transfer.

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Information to provide the sender

If you’re expecting to receive an inward remittance or payment to your Account, you must give the sender this information to make sure the money arrives to your Account safely and without delay:

  • Your full name as it is on our records.
  • Your Account Number: You’ll find this on Online Banking or Mobile Banking or on your Cheque Book.
  • The Bank address: Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC, P.O Box 6564, Dubai, UAE.
  • Swift Code: MEBLAEAD.
  • Your IBAN: Generate your IBAN.

If you need to update your Personal Details, here’s how you can do it.

Information to provide your employer for salary transfer

To receive your salary into your Emirates Islamic account, you must provide your employer with this information:

  • Your Account Number.
  • The Bank address: Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC, P.O Box 6564, Dubai, UAE.
  • Emirates Islamic Bank routing code: 7034 2011 4.
  • Your IBAN: Generate your IBAN.

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MT103 is a standardized SWIFT payment message used specifically for cross border/international transfers and includes transfer details such as date, amount, currency, sender, and recipient.

You will need to submit an MT-103 form in case you need to identify the status of a processed international transfer you have been expecting. The sender will be able to request their bank to provide an MT103 for the transfer and share it with you.

The sender has the option to choose who pays the charges including Emirates Islamic transfer charges, correspondent, and beneficiary bank charges. The sender can opt to pay all charges, share the charges with the you (the receiver) or ask you to pay.

You’ll be liable to pay all charges if the sender selects the ‘BEN’ option when making the transfer. In this case, the amount will be deducted from the amount being remitted. If the sender selects ‘SHA’, charges will be shared by both the sender and receiver (you). If the sender selects ‘OUR’, you’ll receive the entire amount without any deductions as charges.