Advantages Of Islamic Banking< Advantages Of Islamic Banking

Justice and Fairness

The foundation of the Islamic Banking model is based on a profit-sharing principle, whereby the risk is shared by the bank and the customer. This system of financial intermediation contributes to a more equitable distribution of income and wealth.

Banking for All

Although based on Shari'a principles, Islamic Banking is not restricted to Muslims only and is available to non-Muslims as well.


Islamic Banking is about conducting business in a fair and transparent manner. Guiding you through to ensure full understanding of risks and costs associated with the products and services is the utmost prerogative.

Ethical and Moral Dimensions

The strong ethical and moral dimensions of doing business and selecting business activities to be financed play an important role in promoting socially desirable investments and better individual or corporate behaviour.

Discouraging Speculation

Speculative transactions are sources of instability and by nature is misallocation of capital. Islamic Banks are prohibited from carrying out such activities, rather focusing in deployment of capital to the real economy, to promote socio economic justice.